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A perfect day for a kitty in heat

So in this article i’m going to explain how you can help a cat in heat. In the title of a perfect day for a kitty in heat. So what are the easiest things to do when your cat in heat. The most obvious sign that a cat is in heat is a change in behavior. When cats are in heat, they may exhibit unusual behavior due to hormones. Most cats become exceptionally affectionate and constantly crave attention, rubbing up against people and objects. A cat in heat may appear restless and agitated, lose its appetite and try to run away. She will chirp loudly and adopt a mating posture with her head lowered, front legs tucked up, hind legs raised, and tail raised to the side, exposing her crotch. A cat in heat may even spray urine on vertical surfaces in the house.

A perfect day for a kitty in heat – Further explanation 

This behavior can be extremely confusing and even confusing to most owners. Some owners may even worry that their cat is sick. Behavioral changes during estrus are normal and may bother the owner more than the cat itself. After about a week, when your cat is no longer in heat, the behavior will subside. However, there are several ways to calm a cat. Keep in mind that in addition to neutering the cat, these methods will only temporarily calm the cat in heat. This behavior will also be repeated every few weeks as your cat enters its next estrous cycle.

Use natural remedies to calm your cat

If your cat is sensitive to catnip, this can help calm her down temporarily when she is in heat. Catnip, or a member of the Nepeta mint family, affects 70% to 80% of cats. The answer to this herb is genetics. Catnip has a calming effect on some cats and makes others hyperactive and aggressive. If you find that catnip softens your cat, it’s worth giving it to her when she’s in heat. Unfortunately, the action of catnip is short-lived, only about ten minutes. After a refractory period of one hour, the cat is no longer sensitive to the effects of catnip.

L-theanine is another natural remedy that can help calm cats when in heat. L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that has a relaxing effect on humans and animals. While L-theanine can have a sedating effect after a few days of use, the full effect can take up to two weeks of use. The safety of L-theanine for pregnant and breeding animals has not been proven, so if you plan to mate with a cat, it is best not to give her L-theanine.

Natural remedy

Feliway is another natural remedy to try when your cat is in heat. Feliway is a synthetic copy of the familiar facial pheromone, available as a diffuser, spray, and wipes. When a cat is comfortable in its surroundings, it rubs against objects and people with its cheeks, releasing pheromones and marking its territory as safe and protected. Feliway has a relaxing and calming effect on cats and can help calm cats when in heat. However, it may take a few weeks for the product to take full effect. Feliway is therefore most effective when taken before your cat comes into heat.

A perfect day for a kitty in heat – Keep the litter clean

When a female cat is in heat, she may spray urine on vertical surfaces to signal her availability to male cats. By constantly keeping the litter box clean, you can encourage her to use the litter box instead of spraying it outside. If your cat splashes water outside the litter box, you should wipe up the urine with a cloth and warm water as soon as possible to flush the urine out. The area should then be cleaned with a mild cleanser such as soap, white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol mixed with warm water. Never use amino acid-based cleaners to clean urine, as this will attract cats that will mark the same spot.



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