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Can you have a pet komodo dragon

We know that we can have lizards as pets but can you have a pet komodo dragon. You can’t have a Komodo dragon for a good reason. In the first place, because they are really dangerous, as we have just seen. Also, it is a protected species found only on a few islands in Indonesia. Komodo lizards are the largest of more than 3,000 species of lizards. These are really huge lizards, and their tongues are forked like those of giant snakes. Languages ​​have led people to create various myths and stories about Komodo that seem almost mythical.

The mouth is full of bacteria. To some extent, scientists once believed that bacteria were the main cause of death after a bite. They drool a lot, which is a good reason not to keep them as pets. You don’t want lethal saliva covering your property. They also need a lot of space and you need to buy a ton of meat to keep them full and healthy. So no, komodos don’t make good pets and you can’t buy them anywhere.

Can you have a pet komodo dragon – Can you train a Komodo dragon?

Zoos have successfully trained Komodo to be petted on the head. They seem to like to have their backs and heads rubbed. They report that Komodos are highly intelligent and perceptive. But if you’re not an experienced zookeeper and don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you shouldn’t mess with Komodo. It also takes a lot of courage to get into the cage. We were watching a broadcast on ABC Earth where a film crew approached a group of komodos trying to contact them and verify their bite. how dangerous they are Really dangerous. They can easily kill a person.

They can even kill a buffalo, as we will see later. The bite is poisonous, and if you don’t die directly from the bite, it will kill you slowly. You can try to run, but Komodos can run as fast as you can, and if they bite you, the poison will slow you down significantly. It will paralyze your muscles.

They can swim?

Komodo dragons are excellent swimmers. They can even dive into water as deep as 15 feet (4.5 meters) and even climb trees when they’re not yet adults. Therefore, they are very efficient and deadly hunters and will not leave their prey alone. Even if they dive into the sea and run/fly through the trees. But as young Komodo dragons grow older, they lose the ability to climb trees. They just got too heavy.

Komodo dragon attack

The Komodo Dragon will suddenly get up after its prey and drop it as quickly as possible. It will try to bite the animal in the throat to kill it. It has been observed that they can kill pigs in seconds, making them very effective and dangerous. They tend to hunt and eat in packs, otherwise they spend most of their time alone. They are solitary but join together to kill their prey. There are several stories of divers getting lost during Komodo raids. Humans often eat Komodo.

Can you have a pet komodo dragon – Komodo skull

Komodos bite hard. They can bite at over 600 psi about 2 times the bite force of a pit bull. But they usually don’t kill their prey. Instead, they can flick their tails very violently to stun their opponents.

Can you have a pet komodo dragon – How fast can Komodo run?

Komodo can run at roughly the same speed as a human. So if you are being chased by a Komodo dragon, you should run after it. They can run at 13 miles per hour (20 km/h). But over long distances, they will not be able to reach such speeds.



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