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Can you keep axolotl as a pet

So Can you keep axolotl as a pet. Salamanders are very unique amphibians that live in a small area of ​​Mexico City. Fortunately, thanks to the persistence and popularity of the pet trade, their population has increased! In recent years, salamanders have become a favorite pet for reptile enthusiasts. But how do you take care of these exotic animals? Are they suitable for beginners and experts. Let’s take a look at how to keep salamanders in captivity below, from the cost of maintaining them to everything you need like their enclosures, water filters, substrates, and more. We will also discuss what salamanders should eat to stay healthy and happy.

Can you keep axolotl as a pet – As pets

Salamanders make great pets, but they’re not ideal for new pet owners with no experience with amphibians. They cannot be treated or removed from water and must be placed in tanks larger than 20 gallons of purified filtered water to survive. Although they can tolerate small changes in temperature and water quality, their skin is very sensitive. Of course, that doesn’t mean beginners can’t necessarily keep salamanders as pets. Keep in mind that they are far from the most captive amphibians! In addition to sensitive skin, their bodies are made up of soft cartilage rather than bone. This makes them vulnerable to injury and disease. Another important thing to keep in mind is that it can be difficult to find exotic pet veterinarians willing to treat salamanders. Due to the rarity of salamanders as pets and their unusual biology, many veterinarians simply do not have the knowledge or experience to treat salamanders exclusively.


Although salamanders, like many amphibians, have regenerative properties, they are still susceptible to many infections and diseases, often caused by poor care. Water must be kept at a certain temperature and constantly filtered. You should also be comfortable handling brine shrimp and worms, as they ideally make up the majority of your salamander’s diet. Finally, be sure to check the legality of using salamanders as pets in your state or country. California, Maine, New Jersey and Virginia outright prohibit their possession. Additionally, they are legal in New Mexico, but importing them from other states is illegal. Some places also require a permit to keep salamanders. And make sure you buy your salamander from a reputable amphibian/reptile/exotic breeder, not a pet store! In general, breeders tend to be knowledgeable and more ethical than chain pet stores.

Can you keep axolotl as a pet – How much does a pet salamander cost?

A pet salamander can cost between $20 and $70. Much depends on the color, shape, or variant you purchase, as some are rarer and harder to replicate than others. Some rare or unusual varieties, such as lilac, lavender, or piebald salamanders, can fetch upwards of $100. Remember, this is only a fraction of the total cost of maintaining your salamander. Other possible expenses include lodging, water filters, substrates, vet visits, and meals. In general, salamanders are quite inexpensive to purchase due to their recent popularity in the pet trade. Amphibian and reptile keepers often sell them for cheap, usually less than $100 each, unless the salamander is a particularly rare option.



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