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Does crows eat anything

So Does crows eat anything. A better question to ask is, “What don’t crows eat?” Common Ravens are omnivorous opportunists. They eat almost anything edible, from crabs and apples to birds, chips, frogs and carrion. The list is long and we have divided it into categories for your convenience.

Does crows eat anything – Fruits and seeds

Seeds and fruit make up nearly three quarters of the crow’s diet in the United States. These include: corn, wheat, oats, bird cherry, poison ivy, pistachios, grapes, red dogwood, sweet and sour eggplant, walnuts, and watermelon, among others.


Common Crows feed on a wide variety of flying and terrestrial insects. Their effects on insects evoke complex feelings as they eat species considered both problematic corn borer and gypsy moth and beneficial beetles and wasps.

Amphibians and reptiles

American crows feed on sea turtles at all stages of their life (eggs, larvae, adults). Crows also feed on snakes, lizards, frogs and toads.

Does crows eat anything – Bird eggs

For this protein-rich food, crows attack the nests of many birds, including loons, terns, jays, American robins, Savannah sparrows and mallards.


Crows don’t just eat eggs: they also feed on chicks, fledglings and adults of at least several bird species, including European starlings and house sparrows, which they sometimes catch in flight.


Due to their medium size, common ravens often prey on small mammals, including mice, deer, voles, bats, and shrews.


Crows dive belly-deep in the water to catch passing prey, including herring. They have also been known to eat salmon and trout carcasses after whelping at fish farms.


Crows eat various types of shellfish, including clams and manila clams.

Does crows eat anything – Carrion

In addition to bald eagles, eagles, gulls, and crows, American crows feed on dead animals, including those killed on roads.

Human food

Crows can eat almost any human food they can find. In recent decades, they have been drawn to cities and suburbs, in part because of garbage and other easy food sources like dog food.

How do ravens collect food?

With extraordinary ingenuity and a highly diverse skill set, American crows can successfully forage in a wide variety of landscapes and conditions. Most of the food American crows collect comes from the ground. They probe surfaces with their beak, shake unnecessary objects, tilt or lift objects, dig in sand or earth. When hunting ground prey such as grasshoppers, common ravens run, jump, and fly erratically. Crows also perched above our heads, patiently waiting for an opportunity to feed, like abandoned duck nests. When it comes to shelled foods, American crows know there are many ways to crack nuts. In flight, they have been observed dropping shells, nuts, walnuts, pecans, and even turtles onto hard surfaces. Despite the controversy, later research supports the claim that crows deliberately throw nuts in the path of passing cars.

Does crows eat anything – Do American Crows eat squirrels?

Yes, protein has its place in the diet of American crows. However, crows do not prey on fat-tailed rodents. Instead, they eat carcasses that have been partially broken down or torn apart by predators, cars, or other means. Why The crow’s beak, though impressive, was not large enough to rip the squirrel’s skin off.


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