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Dummy rider for horse training

dummy rider for horse training

So today we are talking about dummy rider for horse training. Northants Horse Trader magazine follows many local businesses on social media. And when EJ’s Equestrian, a local burglary and rehabilitation company, published an article about their work with Duncan, we were itching to find out more.

has many years of experience in running and retraining horses. This process can be stressful for some horses and trainers. Was keen to find ways to minimize the stress of the horses she worked with After some research, decided to import a doll from the Ardall company in Ireland. Which she affectionately calls Duncan.

Ardall is a trainer for horses. Primarily designed to train horses that are not broken or have not been ridden for some time to safely accept a rider. It can also be used to train high performance horses.

Dummy rider for horse training – Ardall consists of four main parts


The main part of the product looks like a legless human torso with short arms. At its base is a coil spring. Which facilitates movement when riding a horse. This spring is wrapped with medium quality foam in the shape of a torso wrapped in high quality synthetic leather with UV protection.


The torso is attached to a flat, solid base, specially molded to fit any standard saddle. It is covered with the same artificial fur as the torso. There are two straps on each side that are used to attach Ardall to the horse, and a screw ring through which the reins pass when performing lunges and long reins.


An important component of the product during use, the harness conforms to the shape of the torso. The degree to which Ardall moves on horseback is controlled by tightening or loosening the harness.


These weights serve to weight the Ardall by helping the horse feel the rider’s legs on both sides. They are two canvas bags in the shape of a boot, evenly filled with fine sand (up to 2 stones of 12.7 kg each). They are attached to the Ardall, one on each side, and secured with straps. We also added a riding cap to make it look more realistic.

The training of a young horse or the re-education of horses requires expert and experienced handling, since each horse is unique and needs this knowledge to be able to adapt to each situation and keep both the horse and the rider safe and calm.

Dummy rider for horse training – Conclusion 

Always uses “Duncan” first on every horse or pony that comes to her to support or restart her career; because she never knows how each horse will react and it’s just a safer, smoother start.

So we talked about dummy rider for horse training. And this is the ending for this article. See you soon with a new article. Bye for now.



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