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Having a fish ecosystem at home is good or bad

So having a fish ecosystem at home is good or bad. A lucky fish is known to attract financial gain and wealth. Aquarius can activate and improve career and money luck. You can keep colorful flowers in your aquarium to thrive. Aquariums are known to create a relaxing atmosphere and reduce anxiety and stress, as the sight of colorful ornamental fish has a healing effect. This helps to improve the general well-being of those who spend time looking at the aquarium.

According to Vastu, a home aquarium or aquarium is considered the key to success and harmony. The fish symbolizes joy and positivity. Therefore, it is believed that the movement of fish in the aquarium emits positive vibrations. A positive attitude towards fish as a pet attracts happiness and health. A home aquarium can help people relax and be more productive. As working from home and telecommuting become the norm due to the pandemic, aquariums help connect with nature. According to Vastu Shastra, the home aquarium absorbs the negative energies surrounding it, thereby protecting the inhabitants from the evil eye.

Having a fish ecosystem at home is good or bad – Where not to place an aquarium

Placing the aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen should be avoided as this can cause sleeping or eating problems for the occupants of the house. Having an aquarium in the kitchen can also cause conflict between family members. The aquarium is not suitable for the center of the house, as this can lead to financial problems. Do not place the aquarium near a sunny window. Never place an aquarium on the south side of the house as this will lead to loss of wealth. 

Also make sure there are no joists above the tank and do not place the tank under a ladder. Never place an aquarium next to an air conditioner. Do not place the aquarium too close to the TV or speakers. Flickering TV screens and speakers can stress out some fish. Having an aquarium in the bedroom brings negative energy and can interfere with sleep due to noise and light from the aquarium.

When is the best day to buy ornamental fish?

According to Vastu, the fish represents positivity, wealth and harmony. Before buying a fish, it is important to check if it will fit easily into your aquarium when it has reached its adult size. You should also pay attention to whether the fish is calm. Also, if a fish in an aquarium dies, you must buy new fish and maintain the aquarium with the number of fish recommended by Vastu.

Having a fish ecosystem at home is good or bad – Where to place the aquarium in the living room?

The right placement of the aquarium can bring any part of your home to life. On the other hand, incorrect placement can have negative consequences. The aquarium represents the five elements of nature, and when these elements interact, positive energy is created. In addition, the sound of running water helps to create a favorable atmosphere. It is believed that an aquarium, even with only one fish, drives away evil in the house and creates a calm environment. Aquariums can act as a remedy for many Vastu deficiencies. Aquarium water represents life. Flowing water reflects positive energy, making your life calm and bright.



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