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How cat knows how to open doors

So now we are talkin about How cat knows how to open doors. In this article im going to keep this simple as possible. Most cats are smart enough to do amazing things, but cats can open doors. Yes! Although not all cats notice, many cats can open doors with a little persistence. Lever handles make it easier for cats to open doors, but some felines can even turn the handles to open the door. Let’s take a closer look at our smart cats and how they can open doors.

How cat knows how to open doors – How do cats open doors?

We know cats can open doors, but do they really know what they’re doing and do they understand what’s on the other side?

In most cases, yes. Although cats can’t give you a doorknob diagram, many cats understand that a doorknob is the key to unlocking a door. Since cats also have basic object persistence, they notice what’s on the other side of the door. Object permanence is the ability to understand that objects and things continue to exist even when they are out of sight. Sure, humans take this for granted, but not all animals are capable of it. Not only our canine and feline friends can understand this concept.

To see an example of this in action, consider the last time your cat’s favorite toy snuck under the couch. Your cat has realized, although he has not seen the toy, that it still exists and is under the sofa. Either they sat and stared at the couch, contemplating their next move, or they tried to talk. Scientists went further and conducted several studies to analyze the limits of cats’ ability to understand the permanence of objects.

Additional explanation

Cats can understand that you have to interact with the doorknob to open the door, but they are unlikely to understand anything more. In other words, cats probably don’t understand how turning or pulling a handle leads to an open door, it just works.

After seeing their human companions interact with the door thousands of times, cats eventually realize that the interaction with the handle is what controls the door. From there, they jump, kick, and bang on the doorknob until it opens.

Just because cats can do things doesn’t explain why they do it, so why do cats try to open doors? At first the answer may seem obvious and one may assume that the cats just want to cross to the other side. But anyone who has a cat knows that’s not always the case!

We’ve all seen cats desperately begging to open the door to leave when they get what they want. In fact, I wrote an entire article about why cats hate closed doors, which is a big part of why cats want to open doors.

How cat knows how to open doors – Final explanation

We’ve lived with hundreds of cats over the years, from foster parents to members of our own feline family, and none of them have opened the door. I don’t even remember a single cat trying to open the door. Of course, even a few hundred cats is a small sample size compared to the number of cats in the world, but it still suggests that this behaviour is not that common. To be fair, while it’s not abnormal for cats to open doors, it’s not a very common behavior and most cats won’t be able or attempt to open doors.

If cats rarely open doors, does that mean your feline friend has above-average intelligence if he can open doors?

If your cat can open doors, he’s definitely not stupid by feline standards, and it’s fair to say your feline friend is smart. However, there are many differences between doors and many cats can quickly figure out how to open doors using lever handles. If your cat can open doors with round door knobs, then he’s definitely a cut above the rest in terms of intelligence.

So we talked about How cat knows how to open doors. And i hope that you enjoyed it. See you soon bye for now.

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