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How to bathe a cockapoo puppy – Easy ways

We are going to talk about how to bathe a cockapoo puppy. This going to be the main topic for today.  Although the cockapoo’s coat ranges from short like a poodle to longer like a cocker, your puppy will have a thick coat. And after a few months, this soft puppy coat is replaced by an adult fur coat.

How to bathe a cockapoo puppy – adult fur coat

When adult skin emerges, it will have the added benefit of being highly water resistant. Natural fats and oils secreted by a dog coat every strand of its coat. You may have noticed a greasy stain on a pillow or white wall if your dog has been in contact with it.

Bathe your poop

Rinse grease and natural oils from their coat regularly. Not only will the coat lose its natural sheen, but when your puppy gets wet, he will feel cooler and take longer to dry. Of course, if your puppy is involved in something smelly, he will need a bath, but in case of minor accidents and dirty paws, try wiping him with baby wipes.

What shampoo to use?

If bathing is necessary, do not use human shampoo. The chemicals it contains are not intended for the sensitive skin of puppies. This can cause skin problems. You can use baby shampoo, but puppy shampoo is ideal.

Where to bathe a cockapoo puppy

Most puppies are afraid of a big white tub and this can cause your puppy to panic.Pick a spot where your cockapoo knows he’s safe, like the kitchen sink.

For very young puppies, a plastic tub on the kitchen floor is ideal.

Bathing time

Until your little cockatoo gets used to the potty, I recommend having two people do this job. A squirming wet puppy can be difficult to handle. Be sure to use warm water and have a plastic cup for rinsing. You will also need some hand towels. Favorite treats are always a good idea to reward your puppy for being calm and obedient.

How to bathe a cockapoo puppy – wash the puppy

Take your time to slowly wet the puppy with the plastic cup using your best soothing and reassuring voice. You will notice that because their fur is waterproof, it takes a while for them to get completely wet. Take a large amount of puppy shampoo and apply it on the puppy’s spine, massaging gently. With slow and measured movements, begin to put your hands into the fur coat. Then carefully do each leg in turn. Lastly, draw her belly and buttocks. Do not wash your face with shampoo unless absolutely necessary. Again, baby wipes are usually fine. And always remember to keep soap away from your puppy’s eyes.

  • After your puppy’s coat has been

rinse thoroughly with shampoo, change the water in the container. With warm cold water, you can start rinsing with a plastic cup.

Remember to be generous with treats. This will help your puppy remember that bath time is not a bad experience!

How to bathe a cockapoo puppy – What to do When you finished washing

If you have a helper, it’s a good idea to wash and dry. After you wash all the shampoo off the fur, scoop it up and place it on the helper’s lap. They should have a towel on their knees and another to dry off. Now comes the fun part for your Cockapoo puppy because he loves to dry off. You’ll find that no matter how good your work is, once you’ve cleaned it up, you’ll want to get rid of it. Finally, let him air dry in a warm part of the house and leave him a towel to play with and roll around to dry off. You may want to move it further away from your living room as wet dog smell is inevitable. If you are going to use a hair dryer, try to get your puppy used to the noise first. Be sure to put it on low heat as it can get hot on your sensitive skin quickly. Try drying the fur between your fingers so that his delicate puppy dog ​​skin doesn’t get too hot.



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