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How to clean a used cat tower – Explained

So we are talking about how to clean a used cat tower. Im going to simply explain this to you. Cleaning and disinfecting a cat tree is a must for almost every cat parent. This need increases when you buy a used cat tree because you don’t know how the previous owner took care of it. Now you are wondering how to clean and sanitize a used cat tree? We have already researched the cleaning and disinfection of cat trees, looking for cat experts to give you the right answer. To clean and disinfect the cat tree, you will need tools such as a vacuum cleaner, a brush, an old comb, an epilator. And pet-friendly cleaning products. Once you have the necessary items, you are good to go.

How to clean a used cat tower – how to clean it

The skin must also be removed first. You are likely to see hair hanging from the mats of a used cat tree. At this point, you have two options: first, replace the cat rugs with new ones, and second, remove the fur from the tree with normal household cleaners. If you choose the second option, start the process by using a cleaning brush and an old comb to remove the dirty shaft skin. Clean all carpeted wood surfaces. Also, don’t ignore scratches at this stage. Be sure to get all sides, including the base of the tree. If the cat tree is over 7 feet tall, it should be strong enough to lean on. Otherwise, don’t try to lean on the small cat tree or you will damage the item.

A used cat tree can also contain harmful germs and bacteria from a previous owner. In addition, these dirty substances can leave unpleasant odors. To remove germs and bacteria from your used cat tree, start by spraying clean paper towels with pet-safe odor remover and covering the cat tree liberally. Next, create a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and hot water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the liquid onto the cat tree. This solution should do a good job with various dirty substances on the surface of the wood. Wait about 5 minutes before removing paper towels. Note that the cat must not be allowed to climb the cat tree while the towels are still drying. This is because hydrogen peroxide, as well as other cleaning products such as alcohol and bleach, are harmful to cats.

Final touches to the tower

After removing the paper towels with the hydrogen peroxide solution, use another set of clean towels to remove excess moisture from the cat tree. You will know if the solution worked well enough if you see dirt and debris on the towels. At this point, you can continue spraying the hydrogen peroxide solution on the cat tree. But make sure your cat is not in close proximity or the animal may show signs of discomfort from the chemical.

You can stop after disinfecting the cat tree. But you can still use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the cat tree. By the time you’re done, your cat will now be able to enjoy a tree that doesn’t seem to have had a previous owner.

So now you know  how to clean a used cat tower. Im going to end this article right here. See you soon with a new article.

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