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How to clean aquaclear filter

So we are talking about how to clean aquaclear filter in this article. Electric filters draw water through a siphon tube into the filter chamber. From there, the water is passed through a series of filter media providing biological, chemical and/or mechanical filtration.

After the water has passed through the filter material, it returns to the aquarium through the overflow edge. The water is moved by a water pump pulling it through the riser pipe, or the water can be transported by air bubbles which push the water up the riser pipe and then into the filter housing.

How to clean aquaclear filter – explained

The HOB filter cartridge should only be cleaned when the water flow through the filter decreases or the water level in the filter housing rises, as it does not drain back into the aquarium through the overflow. Do not allow more than a month to pass between cleaning and servicing the filter, as it will accumulate a significant amount of dirt that will decompose and cause a rapid rise in nitrate levels.

How to clean aquaclear filter – When to clean the filter

When should you clean your aquarium filter? Well, if it is dirty, of course, but it is worth waiting at least a week after the last cleaning of the aquarium. This way, your fish will have time to get used to their new environment before they experience the new shock of disrupting their water and daily routine.

The second thing to keep in mind when cleaning your aquarium filter is that the cleaning method you should use depends on the type (or types) of your filter. This should be obvious to you if you look at your filter, but be sure to check your user manual to make sure it doesn’t have specific cleaning instructions for your particular model. Then find your filter type below and get to work.

You will need about two cups of water from the tank to clean the filter sponge. For the sake of your fish, you should use water from an existing tank, not tap or distilled water. Of course, the filter may not smell as clean and fresh, but your fish will be less sensitive to change. Use a siphon, plastic cup, etc. to remove as much water as you need. Drain the water into a medium-sized bowl, i.e. small bowl or drain into a bucket and transfer to a bowl.

Detach the filter

This move pretty much speaks for itself. Unplug the mechanical filter from the mains to avoid electric shock while cleaning it. Then remove it from the aquarium if you can. This will make your life much easier. To protect the floor, prepare a bowl, bucket, or sink.

How to clean aquaclear filter – Final Clean the sponge or pad

Since you’ve already assembled the water bowl. This step should be relatively quick and painless. Which is a good thing since you don’t want to leave the fish unfiltered for long. Just wash off all the dirt from the sponge with water and hands. Squeezing the sponge out of the mud will not remove all of the beneficial bacteria on the sponge that protect your fish from ammonia in the water. So feel free to rinse the sponge to keep the water flowing through it clear. If you don’t feel comfortable touching the water in the aquarium, put on gloves or ask a friend to do it.

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