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How to clean lionfish

So today we are talking about how to clean lionfish. Mainly because most of the people doesn’t know how to clean lion fish. Most people get poisoned when they try to clean lionfish. Basically lionfish is one of the most poisonous fish in the ocean as well. They might be poisonous but they are one of the most delicious fish in the ocean as well. In most of countries lio fish is one of the most delicent fish dish. Mostly this dish is common in beach side places. Also this dish is called as one of the hang over dishes as well. Lionfish is one of the most loved fish meat of most tourist. 

How to clean lionfish – explained

Why people like this deadly fish that is also one of the question that i also had. So i did a little research why people love this. And taking a risk to eat a fish. So the most common answer that i got is the taste of the fish. Basically the most people love the taste of the fish. They say that the meat is so tender and juicy and also its so refreshing as well. So from the wenders or sellers that make this fish and sell this fish says differently. They say that they do this because of the money they get. Mainly the tourist that coming to try this fish will pay any amount of money to try this fish. And also every single tourist will try this fish before go back to there countries. 

And also the venders don’t have any concerns about this as well. Because they are doing this for long time. And they have mastered the art that cleaning the fish without getting hurt. So another county hat eat this fish is japan. Japanese people love fishes like this. I think i don’t want to explain how actually the are eating it you know how the eat fish. But there is one dish that very famous with this fish. And it is the hang over dish of lionfish. There few other dishes like this as well like the puffer fish dish. 

How to clean this 

So now we are talking about how to clean lionfish. So there is a one part that actually you need to take care of. And that’s the spines. The spines are one of most crucial part in the lionfish body. They are so sharp and poisonous as well. So basically you need to cut off the spies slowly. You need to remove the dorsal spines slowly by cutting through the flesh of both sides. After you loosen the spines you need remove them completely. Then you need to remove anal and pelvic spines you can do this by cutting the base of the fish. So now you have removed the venomous parts of the fish. Now you can normally prepare you fish.

So we talked about how to clean lionfish in this article. I think that this article will help you in your cause. See you soon with a new topic as soon as possible.

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