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How to discipline a maine coon cat

How to discipline a maine coon cat so we going to talk about this main topic in this article. Maine Coons are the most gentle giants on this planet. Despite their appearance and size, Maine Coons are naturally the most calm and friendly cats. You can even trust them with your children. They won’t even give you a scratch.

But in some cases, Maine Coons begin to show aggressive behavior, which gives owners a huge headache. Of course, you never imagined that the cat, which used to lick your hand affectionately and lovingly, would suddenly start biting and hissing at you.

Some Maine Coon owners complain that their cats are just starting to show aggression towards them, breaking all the laws, climbing on the shelves, putting their mouth on the owner’s plate, which is very rare, because cats, especially Maine Coons, never bother their owners. during meals and never eat from their bowls.

They also worry that their cat will not be disciplined, scratches the sofas, almost tearing the fabric, and also urinates on the bed, walls and furniture most of the time, which is quite annoying for cat owners.

So, if you’re one of those owners who are looking for ways to discipline their Maine Coon cats, then you’ve come to the right place, I’m going to show you some sure steps you can take to discipline your cat.

How to discipline a maine coon cat – know the reason

Before taking any action, the first thing to do is find out the cause of your cat’s misbehavior. A disease cannot be cured without knowing its cause. Therefore, consult with a cat specialist or visit a veterinarian.

There may be problems that your cat faces because, as I mentioned above, Maine Coons are not very aggressive animals. Explain your problem to him. He will most likely tell you what your cat’s problem is.

Show no aggression

If your cat misbehave with you or exhibit aggressive behavior, you should not do the same. Your cat is an animal, not you. So don’t be aggressive towards the cat, instead try to relax it. But don’t do it by twisting your belly, cats never liked being stroked. But you can start by gently placing your hand on the cat’s head and slowly moving it towards its back.

How to discipline a maine coon cat – Let your cat know when you’re upset

Maine Coon cat sitting but not being aggressive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your cat feel like you’re upset. Therefore, the best way for your cat to understand that she has done something that you do not like is to show her your behavior. Yes, cats understand your body language. Be a little firm, but not too harsh, and tell the cat that you didn’t like what he did.



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