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How to find a lost pet mouse

So today we are talking about how to find a lost pet mouse. As soon as you notice that the mouse is missing, close and seal all doors and windows in the house so that the rodent does not move from room to room during the search. Mice love to hide in small, hollow places, so make sure you mark anything that looks like a good hiding place for the mouse. Block empty spaces after checking them so your pet can’t climb into them once you’ve made sure they’re clean.

Place the cage with the mouse on the floor so that a pipe or ramp leads to the entrance. Put fresh fruit or cheese in the cage to attract your pet. Be patient and check the cage every hour or so. Alternatively, you can set up traps to catch (not kill!), preferably in corners. Put fresh fruit or cheese inside and wait. Once the mouse is inside, the trap must be closed without harming the creature. Check the trap every hour or so. If you don’t know what room your mouse is in, place these traps in every room.

How to find a lost pet mouse – explained

If you don’t have a mousetrap, you can make your own. Take a tube of toilet paper and bend two lines to make a tunnel with flat sides. Place a treat on one end of the tube. Balance the tube on a table or counter so that the treat hangs directly over the bucket or other large container. Mice love tunnels and treats, so they are more likely to run for treats and get trapped. Put something soft on the bottom of the trap if you are afraid that the mouse will get hurt. Make sure the sides of the handle are high enough and smooth enough, otherwise the mouse may slip out again. If you don’t have a counter or table in your room, take a piece of cardboard and make a ledge out of it leading to the bucket. Don’t forget to balance the pipe with a treat as described above.

  • If you can’t find a mouse during the day, don’t despair. Mice are nocturnal animals. They are most active at night, so your mouse may want to wander around and find food at this time.

DIY mousetrap

Here you will have to be resourceful and use your imagination. Basically, there are many ways to catch a mouse, you just need to think it over and come up with a good strategy. A good way is to catch it with a bucket. You can position the bucket so that the opening is facing up. You can use a ledge or piece of wood to get the mouse to the top of the bucket.

Then there should be a bait above the bucket so that the mouse can come and examine; it could be the food you put on the cd to make the mouse fall into the bucket. The mouse will not be able to escape and will be safe. Another good way to catch a mouse is to use steel wire and a soda can. Or you can use an empty plastic bottle and place the bait in it.

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You will need to cut the bottle in half and place the bait in the bottle. You will also need a safety pin to connect the top and bottom of the bottle and secure it with a rubber band. Here are some interesting DIY ideas.

How to find a lost pet mouse -Always watch your mouse when you open the cage

Be careful opening his cage. Keep an eye on the mouse while you do this, and sometimes you will need to do this to clean the cage or do something else. The mouse can be slippery and won’t waste time escaping the cage. Once he’s out of the cage, you’ll have a real job.

So this is all about how to find a lost pet mouse. I hope this will help you. See you soon bye.



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