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How to find maine coon cats

So How to find Maine coon cats. Is it hard to find a maine coon cat lets find out the answers. A Maine vacation isn’t complete until you’ve hit the ocean. Lakes or rocky mountains. Hidden in your head; however, expect to find a large Maine Coon billboard! not necessary. How to find a free Maine Coon kitten in Maine? (“Well, strangers, those of you who are far away should know where to find them.”)

First, cross the Interstate Highway and choose a place to spend the night, planning a day or two to enjoy the scenery and surroundings of the Maine Coon’s natural habitat. Choosing a reasonably nearby major area or river. from the shore. These cats developed along the old shipping areas and did not spread to the rest of the state until colonization extended to agriculture and shipping. Agricultural areas are important because small old farms provide the shelter necessary for the spread of native cats.

How to find maine coon cats – Settling up

Once settled, find a source of kittens or cats. Bearing in mind that kittens are more likely to be found during the warmer months of the year and therefore less likely to be born in winter. Sources for kittens or adult cats may include listings for animal shelters and humane societies on the yellow page. It’s important to remember that many staff and volunteers at these shelters don’t know if they have Maine Coons in their home because they haven’t learned to recognize them. You will need to identify and differentiate. Local newspapers have advertisements for pets and some veterinary offices have billboards for kittens. 

People often advertise free kittens in local newspapers. A real cat treasure might not be worth a dollar! Out-of-town stores at many Maine intersections can be the center of life in their area, and merchants may be aware that there are kittens among their customers. A unique opportunity to taste the local accent will be a stopover in a country boutique. Small farms can be visited, politely knock on the front door and ask if they have any kittens of their (long-haired) cat.

Find the best match

Plan to set aside a few days as kitty hunting is time-consuming but magical, exploring often overlooked scenic spots and meeting and chatting with Maine locals. When calling about kittens, be sure to ask if they have hair! This will eliminate the possibility of you falling in love with a cute normal short-haired cat! Don’t be fooled by descriptions of fluffy kittens, as short-haired kittens are usually fluffy at a young age.

How to find maine coon cats – final tip

The trick is to tell the difference between a regular long haired cat and a Maine Coon. Of course, the best and safest source of Maine Coons are Maine Coon breeders, which can now be found all over the world and can be found in any professional cat magazine. Most people think that the brown tabby is the Maine Coon’s only color, but they have every color and pattern that cats can have, including pure white and various shades of color, the only color that isn’t. not colored. pointed pattern. Just choose the color you like.



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