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How to give liquids to a kitten

So How to give liquids to a kitten. Giving a cat medication isn’t easy, but knowing the correct procedure and what to expect can make the process more enjoyable for you and your cat. Learn more here. Many people find liquid medication easier to use than other types of medication, such as tablets, capsules, eye drops, or injections. But getting your cat to sit still and swallow the right amount of food takes patience, precision and a bit of muscle. Here’s how to make quitting smoking easier.

How to give liquids to a kitten – Basics

Liquid preparations are used to treat various diseases. Some medications usually prescribed as tablets or capsules can be modified or combined into liquid preparations to make them easier to take. If you have trouble administering medication to your cat, ask your veterinarian if they can be combined.

How to give liquids to a kitten – Follow the advice

It is important to use only the medicine prescribed by the veterinarian and for the entire prescribed duration. Do not stop treatment prematurely, even if the problem seems resolved. You can ask your veterinarian to show you how to administer the medication.


Liquid medications should be administered using a dropper or syringe. Fill the dropper or syringe with the prescribed amount of medication. Holding the cat’s head still with one hand, insert the tip of the pipette or syringe into the corner of the mouth, between the cheek and the teeth, at the back of the cat’s head. Do not tilt your cat’s head back, as this may cause her to inhale the medicine. Squeeze the pipette or press the plunger of the syringe to empty it. Close your cat’s mouth, pat her throat or blow her nose to encourage her to swallow. Reward your cat with a treat.

Hold your cat

You may need help keeping your cat still while on medication. If you don’t have a helper on hand, try wrapping the cat in a large towel and leaning it against you, leaving only its head. Try not to over tighten the cat. If your cat is struggling, speak to him calmly and stop the medication if he becomes very agitated.

How to give liquids to a kitten – What is normal for kittens?

The first thing to remember is that each animal is independent. Factors such as age and diet can affect how much fluid you need on board. Another thing to keep in mind is that cats are descended from desert animals and therefore are generally not drinkers. The average amount of water an adult cat needs over a 24 hour period is 50-60ml of water per kilogram of body weight. Thus, a 4 kg cat needs 200 to 240 ml of water per day. If your cat’s diet consists mostly of wet foods with high water/moisture content, they may drink less. Likewise, if they eat dry food, they can drink a little more. The amount of water kittens drink depends on their age. Very young kittens get most of their fluids from their mother’s milk and don’t need anything else. Weaned kittens need fresh water.



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