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How to give prascend to horses

So how to give prascend to horses. Its not actually easy lets how you can do this simply. If your veterinarian diagnoses a horse with Cushing’s disease. Your horse will receive Prascend. As shown in the table below, hormonal imbalances in horses with Cushing’s disease need to be managed for the rest of life to minimize the onset of symptoms. It might seem daunting at first. But for the most part, the situation is easy to manage.

How should I give Prascend to horse?

Prascend tablets should be taken orally once daily at the dose prescribed by your veterinarian. The easiest way to do this is to put the desired daily dose in a small amount of water, syrup or other sweetener and gently stir the mixture until Prascend is completely dissolved. The liquid containing the dissolving tablet should be injected directly into the mouth using the dosing syringe provided by your veterinarian.

When will I see a response to treatment?

Clinical improvement is generally expected within 6 to 12 weeks of starting Prascend treatment. But the time from initiation of treatment to response may vary from horse to horse.Behavioral improvement is often the first clinical sign of improvement, and anecdotal reports suggest it can occur within a few days. However, signs such as abnormal hair growth or loss of back muscles may take longer to resolve, and changes in the severity and frequency of laminitis attacks may be difficult to assess during the first few weeks of treatment because of other factors, such as diet, Weight control and corrective forging should also be considered.

ACTH blood test 4-6 weeks after starting treatment?

It is recommended that your veterinarian evaluate your horse’s response to Prascend treatment 4 to 6 weeks after starting treatment, using information from follow-up clinical examinations. A review of your horse’s displayed/shown clinical signs, and ACTH repeats. Basic blood count.

This assessment will allow your veterinarian to determine.If your horse is receiving an adequate dose of Prascend and ensure that necessary dose adjustments can be made quickly to control the disease as quickly as possible and minimize the risk of clinical recurrence.

Why do horses treated with Prascend require 

Cushing’s disease in horses is a progressive disease. This means that while we can treat and manage symptoms, the underlying pituitary defect will continue to develop even with proper medication in horses and ponies. As the disease progresses, the dose of medication needed to control the disease may change. Lifelong monitoring allows for periodic reassessment of disease control and appropriate medication dose adjustments to minimize the risk of symptom recurrence.

How to give prascend to horses – Tips for you guys

Lifetime follow-up is achieved through a combination of clinical observation and blood testing. You can have ongoing clinical observations and discussions with your veterinarian. Who will check on your horse on a regular basis. In addition, follow-up blood tests are currently recommended every 6 months to check ACTH levels in the blood of treated horses.

Hide it in your food. The tablets are crumbly. So add something of a similar consistency to mask them, like small balanced granules. Adding something tangy like mint, garlic, turmeric, or apple juice can also help. Keep foods small so they’re done.

Add a piece of apple or carrot. Dig a small hole and put the pill in it. Change your treatment so as not to arouse suspicion. Play polo, or better yet under three! Remember not to give the polo too much so your horse doesn’t start rejecting them completely.

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