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How to give yoghourt to cow

So How to give yoghourt to cow. Plain yoghourt is an excellent snack for cats. Usually when you imagine feeding a cat, a bowl of milk or cream comes to mind. But it’s a stereotype that’s been wrongly perpetuated for years. Most adult cats are lactose intolerant. Only kittens can get rid of dairy products with minimal side effects if they are weaned from their mother’s milk. So let’s take a look at what makes yoghourt so special, what its health benefits are, and what you need to know about feeding your cat yoghourt.

How to give yoghourt to cow – Why is yoghourt safe for cats?

Because hairballs are lactose intolerant, most dairy products can affect your cat’s gut health. This means that they cannot properly break down or process the lactose found in many dairy products. Consumption of dairy products often causes irritation and problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

But what about yoghourt?

Yoghourt is special in this regard. Indeed, yoghourt contains live and active bacterial cultures. Although you may hear live bacteria, lactose intolerant cats (and humans) need it to safely consume yoghourt. Bacteria help break down lactose in milk into glucose and galactose, leaving very little lactose. This means that lactose intolerant cats will have no problems digesting yoghourt.

Health Benefits of Yoghourt for Cats

The bacteria responsible for the breakdown of lactose have a special name: probiotics. These probiotics do more than just make yoghourt easier to digest. They also have many other health benefits. Probiotics will help boost your cat’s immune system by promoting the growth of natural antibodies. They also inhibit and minimise the growth of harmful gut bacteria, ensuring that only good, beneficial bacteria thrive in the gut. But probiotics aren’t the only beneficial ingredients in yoghourt. Thanks to the unique fermentation process in yoghourt production, the calcium and protein content of the dairy base is increased, providing an excellent source of these essential elements. Yoghourt is also high in B vitamins, riboflavin, magnesium, and potassium, which are essential for strong bones, red blood cell production, and feline vitality.

How to give yogurt to cow – What type of yogurt is best for cats?

Yogurt can be a great healthy addition to a cat’s diet. But only if they are properly fed. Plain unsweetened yogurt, preferably Greek, will do. No, it doesn’t mean vanilla. Vanilla flavored yogurt still contains extracts that may contain ethanol, which can harm your cat.In addition to ethanol, flavored yogurts often contain sugar and other unhealthy compounds. An artificial sweetener called xylitol can be particularly dangerous because it can cause blood sugar to drop or damage the liver. However, if you only feed her plain, unsweetened yogurt, your cat will enjoy a delicious treat every day.

How to give your cat yogurt

We just mentioned that you can give your cat yogurt every day. This is a deviation from the norm, as we generally recommend snacking once in a while. But the health benefits of yogurt cannot be ignored. When properly fed, yogurt can be an important part of a cat’s diet.

How to give yogurt to cow – So when and how much should you give them yogurt?

It’s best to give your cat yogurt as part of their morning routine so they have time to digest it throughout the day. Also, if your cat has an appetite problem, yogurt will help wake him up. Typically, you should only give them one teaspoon a day. They don’t need anything else to get the most out of the yogurt.



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