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How to keep a cat calm

How to keep a cat calm. Cats may seem independent and confident, but they tend to prefer the familiar. Changes in routine and unfamiliar things, people and places can make them a little anxious. Driving, going to the vet, loud noises, the arrival of strangers or new furry family members at home can easily upset your cat. Some common causes of cat anxiety include:

How to keep a cat calm – Noises

Your cat’s hearing is very sensitive and can hear louder sounds than humans or most dogs. Noises from other cats, animals, or strangers can easily startle cats. It is important to use a low, reassuring voice when talking to cats. When your cat is in the cage, you can also cover it with a towel to reduce noise. If loud visitors disturb your cat, you can take them to a quiet room away from the main party, where they can relax.


Eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom are all personal activities, and cats can easily get stressed when they have to do it in front of others. If you have more than one pet, you should make sure each pet has its own personal space in these areas.

How to keep a cat calm – Inability to escape

Cats often encounter difficult situations when escaping or escaping to high places. Cats love vertical space because it gives them a safe vantage point to observe the world below. The vertical space also keeps the cat away from other pets or people if the cat wants to.

Unfamiliar Situations

Cats need time to adjust to unfamiliar situations. A small plan can keep your cat calm. Before taking your pet to the vet, let him gradually get used to the carrier and the time he spends in the car. If you have guests over and you know you’re making your cat tired, provide them with a safe place to hide from the noise. Monitor your cat, be aware of her special needs, and take steps to help her cope with stressful situations.

How to keep a cat calm – Help a restless cat

Veterinary visit. Of course, going to the vet can be stressful for your cat, as they will encounter many unfamiliar places, people and events along the way. Many people put off taking their cat to the vet because they don’t want to put all the stress on it. However, cats, like dogs, require annual checkups to maintain their overall health and preventative care regimen. We’ve put together some tips to help your cat visit the vet calmly and happily:


Respect your cat naturally takes time to adjust to new surroundings, people and places. Give them lots of tender, soothing support and attention to help them through this ordeal.

How to keep a cat calm – Cat carrier

Leave the carrier outside and turn it on at home so your cat can get to know it. Cover the carrier with comfy bedding and her favorite toys to encourage her to use it.

How to keep a cat calm – Car trips

Consider taking your cat on a short car trip to get used to it, and understand that not all trips involve a veterinarian. Reward your cat for good behavior with praise, pets, favorite toys, or treats.



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