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How to keep an otter at home

How to keep an otter at home. So we all love to keep otters but first we need find the legal laws to own them. So i will explain you guys how to own one of those cute otters. People dream of having many exotic animals (penguins, pandas, dragons), but when they hear that some people can legally keep exotic animals like foxes, wildcats and monkeys, they are often surprised. Other animals such as the mongoose, raccoon dog, slow loris, and pangolin cannot be privately owned for various reasons, at least in the United States. Native birds are also under federal protection. Interestingly, however, otters can legally acquire private property.

How to keep an otter at home – Are otters legal as pets?

There are many different laws and regulations regarding “exotic” pets as pets, and they vary from state to state. So the answer depends on where you live. As I research what is illegal, I can only guess where they might be legal. The only way to be sure is to contact your state Department of Agriculture/Fish and Wildlife, sometimes they don’t even know. That said, most or all states may prohibit possession of native otters, and federal marine mammal protection laws strictly protect marine species. But one species, the Asian clawed otter, may be legal in some states.

If the state does not prohibit the keeping of “undomesticated raptors” or mustelids of which the Asian clawed otter is a representative and does not have a bad list of “unregulated” species, those listed below above are considered illegal, so maybe these otters are legal! But even then, animal protection and the Ministry of Health advise against keeping them as pets.

Laws and regulations regarding otters as pets are unclear.

All states ban at least some exotic pets, even those known for their lax pet laws. For example, lions and elephants are technically allowed in Nevada, but 3-pound fennec foxes are not. Most states have vague laws regarding certain animals, and otters may be regulated under some laws when they appear to be legal under other laws. For example, most states ban big cats, primates, and bears, but in states that allow more amazing species as pets, most counties and cities don’t.

Where to buy pet otters?

If you still want to own this aquatic creature, the biggest hurdle you will face is knowing where to find it. They are very rare and you may need to contact a broker who can track breeders or import breeders. Given the species’ fragile status in the wild, the latter option may be ethically questionable and the broker is unlikely to tell you where the animals come from (which is the industry standard). I have occasionally seen them for sale on exotic pets for in the past, but not now.

How to keep a otter at home – Asian Clawed Otter Facts

They are the smallest otter species in the world. Also they live in freshwater wetlands and mangroves in Southeast Asia. They are classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. In the wild, they feed mainly on invertebrates and occasionally on frogs. Habitat destruction, hunting and pollution threaten its conservation. Asiatic otters good pets. What is a good pet  I often say that there are no good or bad pets, it depends on what you are looking for in an animal. However, although the Asian small-clawed otter is the most suitable species of otter to keep in captivity. It is rarely seen even in exotic pet communities.

As you can imagine, they are considered high maintenance. It takes a lot of time, energy, patience and experience to place them, enrich them and keep them safe. No matter how many fantasies you have about them. You have to accept the fact that they are not pets. Otters are not ferrets. They are not animals to be bred to be cuddled.



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