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How to keep dog in wrought iron fence

So How to keep dog in wrought iron fence. Dogs are not predictable. Some times dogs do things that we don’t want them to do. We are going to talk about few issues and some answers so keep reading till the end. Some dog ​​is very adventurous so he loves to do everything, especially the things people don’t want him to do. For example, we told him not to chew on my charger cables, which he did. We told her we couldn’t sleep in my bed. She slid under the covers. It’s weird to say, but it’s his mischievous behavior that makes me love him even more, and that’s why we never try to correct him. However, it is also a fact that this offense can only be tolerated within my property, and we can’t stand my dog ​​disturbing neighbors or other animals around. Unfortunately, it took my pup a long time to figure out this rule because every time we brought him into the yard he would run for the fence trying to crawl the other way. 

How to keep dog in wrought iron fence – Growls

His growls and barks also became more intense over time, indicating that he needed to find a solution quickly. Since there is a wrought iron fence around my yard, we cannot replace it. Some dog owners have suggested covering the fence with plastic netting, but it turns out that my dog ​​is not only very adventurous, but also has excellent chewing skills. So after days of searching and trying a dozen different methods, we finally found something that actually helped keep my dog ​​off the iron fence. That’s why today I’m going to talk about strategies that have helped me keep my dog ​​in bounds.

How to put your dog on a wrought iron fence?

For example, if you put up a high fence, your dog will dig a tunnel under the fence to escape. Instead, if you put up a wrought iron fence near the ground, it will jump over them. If this is not possible, he will try to stick his butt out of the space between the fence posts. Therefore, you must block all avenues through which he can escape, so that your dog is safe and restrained. There’s no doubt that proper training can prevent your dog from jumping fences, but his rebel mode can kick in at any time, so it’s wise to keep your dog safe and prepared with the following.

How to keep dog in wrought iron fence – Make sure your wrought iron fence is high enough

Most dogs can jump about three times their height, and if your dog is young and healthy, they can jump even higher. So make sure your wrought iron fence is high enough that your dog can’t climb over it. What size is considered large enough. Well, it’s different for different dog breeds. If you have a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, or Husky, your iron fence should be at least 5 or 6 feet tall. Don’t worry about how small your puppy is because a puppy becomes a big dog in 6 months. Better to prepare in advance.So this is how to How to keep dog in wrought iron fence.



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