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How to keep my fish separately

How to keep my fish separately

How to keep my fish separately . I will explain how you can do this hard task easily at home. Throughout my hobby aquarist career, you’ve probably had to deal with all sorts of problems. Besides ornamental fish diseases, one of the problems you are most likely to encounter is aggressive fish behavior. Whether it’s from spawning, overcrowding, or outright aggression, chances are you’ve found yourself with a hostile fish on your hands at some point.

When fish in your aquarium attack or fight with other fish, it creates a very stressful environment and, as you know, fish that are already stressed are more likely to get sick. Instead of getting rid of aggressive fish completely or buying a new tank, all you have to do to fix the problem is install an aquarium separator that separates aggressive fish from other tank inhabitants. You can probably find a tank separator at your local pet store, but if you need a custom fit, you can make one yourself.

How to keep my fish separately – Purpose of tank separators

Tank separators are not only useful for separating aggressive fish, they are also a great way to safely separate adults from eggs. If you decide to keep ornamental fish, but you do not have an additional aquarium that can serve as a spawning area, you can simply install a baffle so that the adults cannot eat the fry.

It can also separate breeding pairs from other aquarium inhabitants during spawning. Tank separators can also be used to separate injured fish from other fish in the tank to give them time and space to heal. The main benefit of an aquarium divider is that it provides a physical barrier for fish while allowing water to flow from one side of the aquarium to the other. If you install a separate tank, you will need to equip it with its own filter and heater; With a tank splitter, you can simply split the tank in two and use the same equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of tank separators

Aquarium baffles are great for a variety of uses in the home aquarium, but they’re not always the right choice. Below is a list of pros and cons of tank splitters to help you decide if a tank splitter is the right choice for your specific situation. Tank separators save you from having to install a separate tank. Tank separators allow water to pass through, so there is no need to install additional tank heaters or filtration systems. Aquarium separators allow you to easily separate aggressive fish from other fish in your aquarium without having to buy a new aquarium or get rid of aggressive fish. 

How to keep my fish separately – Final

Water flow through the tank baffle may not be constant; the water quality may be better on the deflector side due to the proximity of the filter. The water temperature may also be different on either side of the tank divider due to proximity to the heater. Tank baffles break the tank, which can detract from the aesthetics of your tank. Installing a baffle in an aquarium may not be enough to deter aggressive behavior, especially if aggressive fish can see through the baffle.



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