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How to save a dying cory catfish

How to save a dying cory catfish this going to be the topic that we are going to talk about. Cory cats are a type of tropical fish that are often kept as pets. They are known for their lively nature and ability to swim fast. If you are looking for a fun fish to add to your aquarium, the armoured catfish may be the perfect option.

There are a few things you can do to try to save a dying catfish. First, try to get the fish into fresh water as soon as possible. If the fish is in an aquarium, quickly change all the water before putting it in fresh water so that it does not get diseases from other inhabitants of the house. Increase the oxygen level by blowing air through the tank or adding an air pump. Also offer fish food that is known to be edible, such as sinking pellets B. or plant material such as flakes. Instead of constantly skipping meals, try feeding him small meals several times a day so he doesn’t overeat or become stressed.

How to save a dying cory catfish – Things you can do


One way to protect your cory catfish is to run an aquarium. You will change the water and substrate regularly to keep the aquarium clean and healthy. Even if your aquarium is designed for many fish, allow the water circulation time to increase.

Fish in quarantine

When you add new fish to your tank, be sure to quarantine them for a few weeks to make sure they don’t transmit diseases or parasites. In addition, it is important to ensure that you follow the rules for safe aquarium maintenance so as not to stress and disturb the cory catfish.

How to save a dying cory catfish – Evidence that your Cory catfish is dying

Inactivity or slow swimming

One of the first signs that an cory catfish is dying is its slow swimming. If a fish can’t move well, it can’t find food or escape predators.

  • In addition, slow catfish do not move enough, which makes it easier to attack predatory fish.

Weird swimming patterns.

If the fish starts swimming in strange patterns or circles, this may also indicate that it is dying. In addition, it also becomes vulnerable to predators. Also, small fish such as guppies and cherry barbel can attack a dying cory catfish and cause additional damage.

Weakness or loss of appetite

Another symptom of dying from measles is loss of appetite and it seems that she no longer eats anything. When these symptoms appear, many aquarists mistakenly assume they have worms in their food, when in fact they are the only ones they care about. To avoid this problem, make your catfish food more nutritious. Vitamins can be added, especially B and C complex tablets specially formulated for fish.

  • Reproduction, causing watery respiration from its gills to be unable to break down food.

How to save a dying cory catfish – abnormal breathing

If the fish is short of breath or breathing rapidly, this may be a sign of oxygen starvation. If you notice any of these signs on your cory catfish, take them to a qualified fishmonger as soon as possible.

Cloudy eyes

Cloudy eyes are another sign that the fish is out of order. This can be due to lack of oxygen, water quality problems or nutritional problems. Make sure the cory  catfish has access to clean water and the right food to improve its condition.

So these are the main evidence and solutions that you can do. I hope that this article will help you. See you soon bye.

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