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How to separate bonded cats

how to separate bonded cats

So today topic is how to separate bonded cats. People often think that cats are independent and don’t need each other to communicate. But cats have best friends, just like people do, and they often cry for each other when separated. How do you know if cats are attached?

Bonded cats groom themselves and cuddle while they sleep. They will intertwine their tails and go everywhere together. Bonded cats are very sad when separated, so if you want to adopt a cat from a shelter and befriend another cat, it’s best to have both cats adopted.

How to separate bonded cats – Bonding cats grooming each other

Cats show love by grooming themselves and their human companions, which stimulates the production of feel-good hormones that strengthen bonds and friendships. A cat letting another cat groom itself is a sign of extreme trust and love, so when you see cats grooming themselves, they make great friends.

Further explained

This grooming behavior goes back to the days when mother cats looked after their babies. Preparation can mean safety, security, and confidence. This means that cats take care of each other. Most likely, you have noticed how your cat grooms you by licking your hand and sometimes your hair. They tell you they love you by doing it.

Touching is one of the ways cats communicate with each other when they are attached to each other, and grooming is one of the main ways. This is a way to help them bond with each other, so if you see two cats grooming, it’s a sure sign that they’re bonding.

Separate cats

two cats. They were siblings for about 13 weeks. We took them three weeks ago. My son returns to school with one of the cats. Full time job. Will the cats be okay after separation? Is there anything we can do to make the breakup easier?

It’s great that you’re thinking about how your cats might respond to this life change and trying to prepare them for it.

How to separate bonded cats – final conclusion

If your two cats were older, I would be worried about separating them. Cats can form very close feline friendships, and a bonded pair can be difficult to separate. Related cats that have lived together for years may suffer from depression or behavior problems when they are separated.

This is why animal shelters that accept a couple of related cats go to great lengths to house them together. People often think that cats love being alone, but they often enjoy being part of a pack and can form very strong friendships with other feline companions.



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