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How to stop sheltie from barking

Lets see how to stop sheltie from barking. Shelties are sweet and gentle, but they are also known to make excellent watchdogs. So what are the simplest reasons why they bark all the time. I decided to investigate the barking behaviour and characteristics of this breed. I would like to share with you what I have found.

So, do shelties bark a lot? Shelties are known to bark a lot. This is due to their herding and guard dog heritage – it’s an instinct and a trait they have. As instinctive watchdogs, Shelties bark to protect their owners, especially if a stranger approaches or enters the house. They may also bark when they are excited, frightened, hear noises, are bored, or are in pain.

How to stop sheltie from barking – Do Shelties even bark?

Mainly these dogs comes from shetland scotland. Historians believe that Shelties were bred by crossing Large Scottish Collies with other Sheepdogs in the 18th century.

  • In any case, they were bred for one purpose: to herd sheep this comes with a long history
  • In the early 20th century, Shelties moved to the United States; where they were domesticated and people started keeping them as pets.
  • Due to their predisposition to protection, Shelties make excellent watchdogs. The downside is that they bark a lot.
  • Research has shown that dog barking is primarily a form of communication with its owners.

There is no doubt that when your Sheltie barks, he is trying to warn you or let you know that something is happening or has changed in the environment. Sometimes it can even be a potential danger. Shelties are naturally reserved from strangers, so you are likely to hear them bark when someone comes to visit or hear/see activity outside. Despite being noisy and wary, Shelties are very intelligent and, fortunately, easy to train. They perform very well in obedience competitions, as well as in agility and shepherding.

Reasons why shelties can bark

Shelties bark to communicate; so it naturally follows that they bark for several different reasons. It can be so many different things. 

How to stop sheltie from barking – Instinctively

Shelties bark because of their herd instinct. It’s in his genes to be a watchdog and alert his family members to changes in the environment. Being a guard dog means barking at every noise they hear, whether it’s the postman, the dishwasher, or the TV.

Because of Boredom

Shelties are very intelligent and can get bored easily. This can also lead to them barking a lot because they have nothing else to do. They may also try to get your attention or distract you.


Your Sheltie may be barking because something exciting is about to happen, like playing outside with you. Happy barking is common for Shelties. Your dog is trying to communicate with you. He’s trying to say he’s glad you want to play with him.

How to stop sheltie from barking – When something is really wrong

It’s easy to assume that your Sheltie is barking for no reason, but if there’s no stranger around and your Sheltie isn’t bored or excited, it’s important to figure out what’s going on that might be bothering your dog. It could be a wild animal wandering into your yard, or a neighbour calling you. Or they may have an injury and are in pain.

How to stop sheltie from barking – How to stop barking on demand before feeding

If your dog is constantly barking before feeding, you need to change the feeding time. Do not feed your dog after it has barked at you; it will only encourage him to bark more and more.

Dogs do not have to feed at the same time every day. If your dog, for example. he expects you to feed him at 18:00. M. and starts barking at him at 5. 30 p.m. Then you should not feed him at 6.30 p.m. after 15 minutes of barking as this will only teach him that barking eventually leads to being fed.

Instead, surprise him with an early dinner at 5:30 pm. M. one day. The next day, you can give him some food at 2:30 pm. m. and late dinner at 19.15 o’clock. M. By changing it, you prevent your dog from anticipating when you are going to feed him and not barking in anticipation.

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