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Why my pet rat runs away from me

So why my pet rat runs away from me. It can be tempting to panic when your boyfriend is lost or on the loose. The goal is not to catch them quickly, but to find them and keep them safe. Rats are highly intelligent animals and are less likely to chew on inedible items than other rodents/pets. Domestic rats are not the same as wild rats. Domestic rats know that you are going to feed and drink them, while wild rats have to fight and look for food. All rats, domestic and wild, are very attached to their habitat. As long as they feel safe in their home, they will return on their own.

Why my pet rat runs away from me – Do not panic

It’s also tempting to hit, yell, and make noise to scare them off, but this rarely works. If they are afraid, they will hide even longer. Instead, turn off the TV or music and be as quiet as possible. Listen for rat noises, such as scooter noises, light sneezes, or the sound of them moving. You will only hear a squeak if he is hurt or scared. So not screaming is good. This means, at least, that nothing threatens them.

Attract the rat with her favorite treat. (Some rats approach the sound of food, such as the rustle of a bag or the movement of a box of treats.) Place the bowl of treats in the middle of the floor and wait for them to arrive. Stronger flavored treats work better.

If you find your rat but can’t get it out, try soft food on a spoon, like yogurt or applesauce. So your rat should come to you. Be sure to keep the spoon far enough away from the hiding place to pick it up. Rats are by nature nocturnal animals. Some rats will come out after the lights go out.


If you can’t find your pet rat, chances are it has found a small hiding place. Check under and behind all furniture and appliances. Rats can go through any space that their head can fit into. Even the places where you think they won’t fit, check them anyway. They may surprise you. If you don’t have time to look for a rat, you can rent or buy live rodent traps and put a treat inside.

Let the rat smell your hand before petting it.

As soon as you get your new pet rat out of hiding, both of you will become interested in each other. Place your hand where the rat can reach it and just let it sniff you. Rats learn a lot about their environment through their sense of smell and taste; Over time, the rat will recognize your scent as friendly and familiar.

Be sure to keep your hand still while the rat sniffs you; sudden movements will make your four-legged friend nervous. Since rats use their teeth to detect the contents of their environment, your rat may gnaw on your fingers or knuckles. If your pet rat has nipped (or bitten) you, don’t be discouraged. Letting out a loud “wee-wee” will scare away this behavior—the way rats tell themselves they don’t like what’s going on.

Why my pet rat runs away from me – Final step Wait until your rat is tired

A tired rat is much less energetic and agitated than a rat that has been awake for an hour; If you are planning to take your pet rat for the first time, try to do so when he is exhausted. Rats are nocturnal and tend to sleep for several hours during the day. If you approach your rat while it is sleeping or right after it wakes up, it will be less temperamental and much easier to handle.

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