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What happens if cats are left in a dark house

So today we are talking about what happens if cats are left in a dark house. We going to keep it simple and explained in this article. Turning off the lights when you leave the house can be a good money saving habit, but keeping your cat completely in the dark can be very stressful for him. Here are three reasons why you should not keep your cat in the dark when you go out. Cats are invisible in complete darkness.

While it is true that cats can see in the dark, it is a common misconception that cats can see in complete darkness. Cats are not nocturnal, but crypuscular, which means that they are most active in the morning and evening. Although cats’ eyes can absorb and use up to 50% more light than humans, they see nothing if there is no light source in the room. In fact, even in the night sky there is light from the stars and the moon.

What happens if cats are left in a dark house – Reasons

So your cat may feel lonely. When you are at home during the day, your cat becomes accustomed to a certain level of activity. After a while, your cat will begin to associate sounds and activities with your company, such as turning on the TV, listening to music, and using lights. If everything gets dark and quiet after you leave, your cat will start to feel abandoned. Or you can go through a cat. Another less obvious reason to turn on the lights when you go out is to avoid getting caught on a cat. If the light switch does not fit outside your front door, you will most likely not see a kitten waiting for you.

The various toys scattered around the apartment also pose an invisible danger to you in the dark. After all, turning off the lights reduces your carbon footprint and your energy bill. If you do not like the idea of ​​lighting all your lamps, consider purchasing LED night lights that turn on automatically when it is dark, or use a lamp with a timer. Are you afraid to leave your cat alone in the dark? Hire a pet to take care of the kitten, it can relax your mind

The latest conclusion that can help your cat

The lights should be on when you leave the house for a few hours. Of course, cats do not like complete darkness and prefer a more normal environment. It is safer for your cat to stay in the bedroom than in a dark corridor. So you can turn on the lights and turn off other rooms. Also, the light in the corridor will help your cat to see and move easily. Also, if your cat is used to the smell of your bed. It will be more comfortable in other rooms as well.

Lighting your cat’s light bulbs is also a good way to save energy. Cats have a special way of navigating light. Using a dim light prevents them from getting bored and stressed when you are not around. Cats are also more active in low light conditions and you are less likely to suffer from depression from lighting. It can even help them sleep better.

Cats’ eyes can absorb up to 50% more light than our eyes, so they cannot see without artificial light. Fortunately, the moonlight and starlight in the night sky provide ample light for cats. However, even though they have better eyesight than we do, cats are accustomed to certain behaviors during the day, and in the dark they can be associated with the absence of a person in the dark. Therefore, they can react to sudden changes in the environment.

So we talked about what happens if cats are left in a dark house. I hope that you enjoyed it so see you soon.

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