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Why cat carrying kittens on her mouth

So Why cat carrying kittens on her mouth. We always see mom cat carrying babies in her mouth lets find answers to that. If your cat is holding a recently caught prey or toy in its mouth and meowing at the same time, this will tell you that its hunting party was a success. He wants you to recognize his success, so he tries to meow because he puts things in his mouth. Once your cat has “killed” its prey, it will usually proudly deliver it at your feet. The main reason a cat brings you a dead animal and meows loudly is because it considers you part of its family. You want to share your success. If a cat meows and throws its prey at your feet, it probably wants you to learn how to hunt.

Why cat carrying kittens on her mouth РThe mother cat holds the kittens 

The mother cat takes her kittens in her mouth and sends them to a new nest. This may be because the old nest is affected by a potential threat. In everyday situations, the threat is usually the one who picks up your children and rocks them. Another reason to move kittens is that old nests have become too dirty or too small to accommodate growing and increasingly active kittens. Some mother cats even move their kittens obsessively.

If your cat has a favorite toy, she can hold it in her mouth and move it from place to place like a kitten. It’s so nice to see your cat with a baby, usually a stuffed animal, but don’t try to take it away. He can play with other toys, especially this one. If he becomes too nimble, they will have to move the baby to a new location.

The cat seeks safety with prey in its mouth

Holding prey in the mouth is part of the cat’s hunting ritual. Once they catch something, cats quickly take it to a place they deem safer. It’s an instinctive survival technique. If you’ve ever tried to intervene when your cat has just caught a mouse, you know how deliberately you run. He will try to get rid of your attack in order to complete his kill.

Cats do not eat prey once they have caught it. They don’t even kill their prey right away. It seems cruel to us, but again, it’s all instinctive. Your cat will play with its prey to tire it out. This way, your cat will be more likely to kill its prey and minimize the risk of injury. The cat will also often grab its prey, but hold it in its mouth until it finds a safe place to kill it. It could be a real creature or the behavior could be through a toy of your choice. Your cat will run around the house with toys in its mouth, looking for a safe place to play.

Why cat carrying kittens on her mouth РFinal explanation 

As an opportunistic hunter, your cat may also wander around the house, trying to find a place to hide its prey until it gets hungry. Again, this behavior also applies to toys. Maybe your cat is looking for a place to put the toy until he wants to play with it again. You may notice that your cat walks around with her toys and ends up putting the chosen item in the food bowl or, worse, in the water bowl. Your cat considers it their property and territory, so they think it’s safe to hide toys in food or float in water. If you see your cat entering the house and heading straight for the bedroom, follow him. They may have birds, mice, lizards, etc. in their mouths, which they keep under the bed for later use.



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