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Why cats make their eyes bigger

Why cats make their eyes bigger. Actually the reason for this is not what you thinking. Lets dig deep. Unexpectedly enlarged eyes in cats can be the result of emotional, environmental, or even age-related factors. On the other hand, certain medical conditions favor permanent expansion. It is normal for the pupils to dilate and contract to improve our vision. Cats are nocturnal and their eyes are very sensitive to light. As a result, her pupils dilate significantly. These features make a cat’s eyes appear larger at night. It’s normal if your cat’s pupils dilate intermittently and the surrounding light changes. However, if you notice that your cat’s dilated pupils remain dilated all the time, you should be concerned.

Why cats make their eyes bigger – This is the reason why cats’ pupils get larger.

Due to the peculiarities of the eye, the pupil dilates. Like humans, the pupils dilate in the dark. The black circle in the middle of the eye controls the amount of light that enters the eye. In the dark, the pupil dilates to let in more light. Cats see better in low-light conditions because their pupils dilate to let as much light into their eyes as possible. Due to the high sensitivity to light, your veterinarian will use a bright light to check eye function during the physical exam. If the eye does not twitch, it is a clear sign that there is an underlying problem.

Surprise or fear

A cat’s pupils can dilate from surprise and fear. So if you notice their pupils suddenly dilating, it could be a sign that they’re startled or scared. It could be the sudden appearance of an unexpected visitor, a loud crash, or another animal outside. In addition to releasing adrenaline, the pupils dilate until they calm down. So if you notice that your cat is going through this, it is best to keep him away for a while until he realizes that he is in a safe place and calms down.

Why cats make their eyes bigger – Excitement

Dilated pupils and large eyes are not always a sign of something bad. Your cat may be excited about something. Your pet may be happy because he received his favorite treat or is about to play with his favorite toy. Due to the adrenaline that circulates through their body, cats keep their eyes wide open when they play. When hunting prey, especially at night, cats must remain alert and unafraid. The adrenaline rush can also cause your pupils to dilate. As natural hunters, they have wide pupils and large eye lenses that allow them to gather information about their surroundings. These traits come into play at night, especially when their eyes enlarge to provide better vision.


If your feline friend has large pupils, he may be defensive. If they feel threatened by other animals or people, they tend to become aggressive, which can lead to scratching and biting. The “fight or flight” response also predominated during the hunt. So if you feel like your cat is defensive, it’s a good idea to give her time to calm down as well.

Why cats make their eyes bigger – Anxiety

Large pupils in cats also indicate anxiety. When your cat is nervous, you’ll notice one or all of the following signs: a hunched back, tail to the side, head down, and large eyes. This can happen, for example, when your pet is nervous at the vet or during a severe electrical storm. However, if your cat has been diagnosed with chronic anxiety, her eyes may be permanently dilated from the constant strain. If your pet is chronically under a lot of stress, you should move him to a new environment where he feels safer at home.



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