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Why cats need a cat tree

So Why cats need a cat tree. There are few reasons why cats need a cat tree. I always explain to cat owners why they should need one of them. I will explain to you guys as well. Just like dogs and other pets, cats need stimulation and exercise to stay healthy and happy. If your cat is allowed outside, he’s likely to get plenty of stimulation, enjoyment, and exercise outdoors.

Indoors, however, your cat will certainly benefit from having their own cat tree where they can hang out, climb, play and scratch. Even indoors, your cat will likely enjoy viewing their surroundings from above, away from the hustle and bustle of human life. You may often notice your cat sitting on the kitchen cabinet and staring at the world below. The cat can also scratch furniture and woodwork to make its claws. A cat tree can replace kitchen cabinets, woodwork, and furniture to keep your cat busy and happy while you’re around the house.

Why cats need a cat tree – Do indoor cats need cat trees?

A domestic cat can be considered a low-maintenance pet that doesn’t need to come in and out of the house regularly or be taken out on business. However, domestic cats need a stimulating environment for their basic needs, such as climbing, scratching and playing. While indoor cats can certainly live full lives without a cat tree, buying one of these indoor cat activity centers is never a bad idea. All cats love to climb, explore, play and scratch, whether indoors or not.

How to choose a cat tree

There are many types of cat trees on the market today. Some have small cat apartments or cubbies, some have built-in toys and scratching posts, some are high and some are low. All of these options can make collecting cat trees a daunting task, but don’t overwhelm yourself. The key to choosing a cat tree is understanding the cat’s personality and style. Ask yourself the following questions to narrow down your options.

Why cats need a cat tree – Does your cat scratch? 

If your cat regularly scratches your furniture, carpets, and woodwork, you should purchase a cat tree that has at least one built-in scratcher. It’s a good idea to place scratching posts on the cat tree, both horizontally and vertically, so that the cat can scratch while standing, sitting or lying down.

Does your cat like heights?

If your cat likes to sit up high, you should purchase a tall, tiered cat tree. A cat tree almost as high as your ceiling will be a great place for your cats to spend time observing the world below them, and it will also keep them out of trouble.

Does your cat like to play alone? 

Not all cats enjoy spending a lot of time with their owners, as many prefer to play alone. If your cat likes to play with toys on its own, look for cat trees with built-in toys. You can place yours on any cat tree if you can’t find the type of toy he likes, so keep an open mind.

Why cats need a cat tree – Does your cat like to hide?

If your cat likes to climb in boxes, cupboards and drawers, you should buy a cat tree with a floor or a cabin. Is your cat young or old. If your cat is older and less active, you don’t need an elaborate cat tree. It’s best to use low ground with built-in ramps so your cat doesn’t have to jump and climb. If your cat is young, you can opt for more sophisticated exercise options so your cat has a safe place to jump, climb, scratch and play.



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