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Why did my glofish die right away

So if you wonder Why did my glofish die right away. Im going to give you reasons why that will happen to your fish in this article. Stress is the number one cause of premature death in puffer fish or any other fish. While researching for this blog, I had a lot of questions about why my fish was dying within a day or a few hours of bringing it home. Nine times out of ten, stress is the answer. We often underestimate fish’s ability to smell and perceive things, but they are actually quite intelligent creatures.

So, just like us, they too are under pressure. Sometimes stress is an instant killer. Other times it’s like a ticking time bomb. The cause of stress is ambiguous. It can be a lack of adaptation to the new environment, a lack of adequate space, aggressiveness, poor water quality parameters, loneliness, etc. And because the fish’s facial expressions aren’t as clear as one would hope, novice anglers may not even realize the fish is stressed until death strikes.

Loss of appetite

Like all fish, the glofish is an opportunistic eater. However, if stressed, they may lose their appetite. Even if you give them their favorite treat, they won’t show any interest. Therefore, they also lose weight. I know you can’t physically weigh a fish, but you can tell if it’s lost weight by looking at it.

Crystal surf

Glass surfing behavior is characterized by fish swimming irregularly along the walls of the aquarium.

Hide too much

Naturally, your Glofish will hide when scared or uncomfortable. Therefore, occasionally retreating behind one of the caves or rocks is expected behavior. However, if you find that your glofish is constantly hiding most of the time, that’s a red flag.


In fish, stress and disease are two sides of the same coin. It cannot exist without the other. When your fish is stressed, the production of white blood cells in its body is suppressed. As a result, the fish’s immunity is reduced, making it vulnerable to a variety of pathogens waiting for the right moment to attack.

You did not start the tank

Refusing to ride a tank bike is the most common mistake beginners make. But honestly, getting a good aquarium is no walk in the park. You can go ahead and find a glass water tank, fill it with tap water, add some dechlorinating agent and you’re done. A successful tank cycle takes weeks, yes you read that right. In an untreated or improperly cycled aquarium, death can occur overnight. Or worse, it will be very slow. It is important to know that your glofish is not the only creature that can tolerate aquariums. A healthy, fully circulating aquarium will also have a thriving community of good bacteria.

These bacteria are present throughout the aquarium, but are mainly concentrated in filters and gravel. Its main function is to break down waste food waste and poo to maintain water quality. You see, glofish have a symbiotic relationship with beneficial bacteria. Without fish poo, bacterial colonies cannot survive. Without bacteria, the water can quickly become unsuitable for puffer fish. The downside here is that the newly installed tank does not yet have a good bacterial colony. You must therefore “loop” the tank to make it appear. And this process will take weeks. So you really need to channel some patience here. I won’t go into the details of tank driving me crazy. But I highly recommend reading “Nitrogen Cycle” before adding more puffer fish to your aquarium.

So this is all i can say about Why did my glofish die right away. Now you know the answer to the question why does this happen to your fish. Nw first consider the points that i explained before you guys get any fishes. So bye for now i will see you guys soon as possible.



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