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Why does a dragon sleep all day – Bearded dragons

So why does a dragon sleep all day. A great question to investigate about bearded dragons. Something more serious must have happened. Therefore, we must remain vigilant and vigilant. So be sure to read on to better understand when and if you should pay attention and take action. One of the main reasons why bearded dragons are suddenly sleeping a lot is bruising.

If you’re a new owner and haven’t experienced this before, brumation is essentially the reptilian equivalent of hibernation. Barbets typically settle and rest for 4 weeks to 3+ months. Unlike hibernation, bearded dragons often wake up and move around during injuries, as this makes it difficult to tell if they are bruised or sick in some cases. If you’re not sure if your bearded dragon is ready to be sprayed, we recommend talking to your veterinarian and having him examine his beard.

This is especially useful if you have a young bearded dragon as trying to broom it at a young age can lead to complications as babies and young bearded dragons are still growing and may not have enough for years without food fat storage. when we sleep

Why does a dragon sleep all day – Disease

Another common reason bearded dragons may sleep more is disease. As we mentioned earlier, when bearded dragons fade, get sick, or even fall off, all signs may look the same, which can confuse the owner and they won’t be able to determine the cause of the problem. Parasites are another common cause of bearded dragon disease, which can lead to increased daytime and nighttime sleep. Parasites called “pin worms” are commonly found in the guts of bearded men.

These parasites eat some of the food your whiskers consume, which means your whiskers are undernourished and undernourished, which in turn can cause them to sleep more often. Parasites are sometimes difficult to detect because the first signs of their presence are often small or non-existent.


Bearded dragons may sleep more often if they go through the molting process. Moulting a bearded dragon can be a stressful experience, because unlike snakes, which shed their skin completely, bearded dragons shed their skin in patches over a longer period of time. This usually means they become irritable, distressed, and may hide more.

Bearded dragons can sleep a lot due to the stress that molting can cause. Usually it doesn’t last long, and they go back to their original shape. If your dragon is going through the molting process, he’s likely to change his sleeping habits. You’ll want to keep an eye on this to see if you’ll return to normal sleep patterns in the next few days.

What does a bearded dragon burn look like

Why does a dragon sleep all day – Incorrect UVB exposure levels

Exposure to UV-B is one of the most important factors affecting the health and behavior of bearded dragons. UVB rays provide the body with vitamin D3, which then helps absorb important nutrients like calcium. Without adequate exposure to these rays, bearded people can become ill, lethargic, and often sleep longer. A common mistake new homeowners make is installing UV lamps, not realizing that the intensity of UV light produced by the lamps can diminish over time.

Typically, UVB lamps need to be replaced about every 6 months. If you have a long-lasting bulb on your beard, chances are you won’t get the results you want.



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