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Why does my betta fish stare at me

Why does my betta fish stare at me so today we are going to talk about this simple question. In this article i’m going to talk about this shortly and simply. So basically you might notice that when you are walking near the fish tank your beta fish stares at you all the time. You might think thats weird or sometimes scary. To most people it a cute sign from their pet. But  you ever thanked why they do this. Its might not a big deal to you like your pet just looking at you. Basically this only happens when you walk near the tank of the betta fish. If you walk far away from the tank this want happen. I will explain this later in this article. Basically the betta fishes are sensitive to the movements. 

They well aware of the movement outside from his tank. Thats why the betta fish stare at you when you are walking by. Mainly in the first days in his tank life he will stare at you because he thinks that you are a threat to him. But with the time it will be changed he wi8oll start to follow your movement because you feed them. 

Why does my betta fish stare at me – can betta fish see me from far away?

So the next question is can your betta fish spot you from far. Actually they can’t spot you from far away. Mainly because betta fishes are nearsighted. So basically don’t see you when you are far from the tank. Sometimes you might notice that he is staring at you when you are further away. But they actually don’t see you. They only can see a shadow of you. And the reason that they are staring is they are trying to recognize what they are looking at. That’s why they are staring at further distances. 

So basically betta fish’s eyes are located on the sides of his body. That allows him to see two different sides at once. So this unique eye locating makes betta fishes near sighted as well. Mainly the figure out thing by using vibrations. There are a few holes in this fish head to recognize different tones of vibrations. So another thing that you don’t need to tap the tank is this. Mainly when you tap the fish tank the whole body of the fish will start to vibrate as well. And that can harm fishes too. So now lets see the final conclusion of this article.

Final conclusions

So you might think that your betta fish actually recognize you and thats why he stares at you. Basically its not true. As i said betta fish near sighted and also they only react to the movement. And also another thing is they only have a little brain capacity as well. But actually there is a new discovery that says betta fish can memorise the other fishes and basically the humans that they see every time. So if your betta fish sees you everyday he might recognize you.

So we talked about Why does my betta fish stare at me. And this is the end of this article i hope that you enjoyed it. See you soon bye. 

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