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Why fishes try to attack the tank

Some fish will always compete for food. Aggressive fish will fight other fish that are seen as a threat while feeding. To minimize food fights, be sure to distribute food evenly throughout the tank. Also, try offering the fish different types of food. This action will reduce fish competition for one food.

Territory marking. Certain types of fish want to establish and maintain their own territory. Once you put an aggressive fish in your tank, it will stick to a certain part of the tank, keeping other fish away. If you notice a fish creating territory and starting to fight other fish, there are a few ways to limit this behavior: Change the aquarium landscape before adding more fish. This will remove any territorial requirements for the fish you introduce into the aquarium.

Why fishes try to attack the tank – Make sure your tank has enough hiding places. 

This will encourage aggressive fish to establish their territory in one of the areas and reduce the space for aggressive fish in the aquarium. If you have more than one aggressive fish, add them to the tank at the same time. Fish will have an equal chance to claim territory. Don’t overfill your tank. Aggressive fish can get out of control if overcrowded.

Veiled Angel.

These freshwater fish will always get a good start in a group. After a while, schools of angelfish will battle each other to determine which is dominant. You will need to change the water less frequently, as fewer water changes in the tank will reduce the aggressiveness of these species. Jack Dempsey’s species are also known for their aggressive behavior, which is why they are named after the famous boxer. Fish like to burrow in the bottom of the aquarium. They will also uproot plants and move small.

Why fishes try to attack the tank – Use a net to separate the fish.

Fish usually operate on a rank basis: larger aggressive fish will definitely stalk and bully smaller fish. Fish in an aquarium must define their hierarchy, the hierarchy established by nature. At times, however, the battle that led to this discovery can turn out to be too radical. In this case, you can quickly use the net to separate the betta fish. This is the perfect temporary solution to deter aggressive fish. CoscosX 8pcs aquarium separator plate egg carton fish tank filter bottom insulating plate separator net for mixed farming 10 suction cups black

Rearrange the decoration of the aquarium

A good tip for dealing with fish attack is to rearrange all the equipment and decorations in the aquarium to look different.

Why fishes try to attack the tank – Make sure you don’t put anything in the same place.

Also, turn off the lights in the tank when you change the scenery, as this will prevent the fish from noticing what you are doing. Habitat switching is effective because aggressive fish also tend to be territorial and nest and nest in certain areas of your aquarium. They are more likely to attack other fish swimming in their territory. By disturbing the entire landscape, you can level the playing field for all fish in your aquarium, new and old. Your old fish will be tricked into thinking it is in a new environment; during this time your new fish will be able to find its territory without having to worry or worry about the old fish.



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