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Why hamsters always sleep

So Why hamsters always sleep. Although from 12 to 2 p.m. m. is definitely a lot of Z’s, hamsters don’t sleep all the time. One of the reasons you feel this way is that your little pet may spend most of your waking hours because she likes to sleep late. These creatures also only wake up during the day for a short time to feed. You can catch them at the most inopportune moment. If you want to spend time with your pet, visit her in the evening when she is most active.

Why hamsters always sleep – Why do hamsters sleep a lot?

In most cases, if you spend a lot of time sleeping, your hamster is just a normal little guy who likes to sleep during the day. However, sleeping too much should hint that you might be in trouble. For example, he might fall asleep, which you don’t want. This usually happens when the temperature in the cage is way below the optimum temperature and you suddenly catch a cold. This causes your animal to hibernate and its wild counterparts to need to sleep during the colder months. You can see this at indoor temperatures below 50 degrees, but it can also be caused by drafts near the cage. Make sure your hamster isn’t too close to an air conditioner or fan.

Hot days

If it’s hot outside and the animal is still sleeping, it may be sick. Hamsters are prone to colds and digestive problems, which can cause them to spend more time in bed. Pay attention to other signs and symptoms of discomfort, such as sneezing or diarrhea. Examine him closely, including his diet and bowel habits, then call your vet for further advice. You may be asked to bring a stool sample or may need tests and blood tests to check for a problem. Just like humans, colds usually go away and your hamster will soon be able to sleep through the night again.

Why hamsters always sleep – Why you shouldn’t wake up a sleeping hamster

No one likes to be woken up from a deep sleep, and since your hamster sleeps most of the day, you may accidentally wake him up with everyday noises. It’s best to keep him in a house where the usual morning traffic won’t wake him up or get him excited. Also, a frightened hamster may bite you, thinking you are a predator that has woken it from sleep. Excessive waking hours during the day (hamsters need deep sleep) can also interfere with good deep sleep and cause stress. Hamsters get sick when they’re restless, so you don’t want your pet’s standard sleep schedule to be interrupted if it means he wants to stay awake.

Why hamsters always sleep – Think about it

If you’re wondering why your hamster sleeps so much, don’t worry. It’s just part of the hamster’s DNA, and most predators are active and it’s too hot outside to find nutrients. Foraging for seeds and puddles, they prefer to come out at dusk, when it is safer and cooler. Don’t try to change your hamster’s schedule too much to fit yours. Instead, find something in common between you, like the night. You can take your hamster out of the cage, spend some time playing after dinner, and then give him plenty of toys and exercise equipment at night so he can play while you sleep.


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