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Why is my betta chasing neon tetras

So why is my betta chasing neon tetras. You might seen that your betta fish chase other fishes specially neon tetras. Lets find out why they do that.  When you have a Betta in your tank and you plan to add neon tetras, it’s entirely possible for a Betta to opt for neon tetras. You might think you will lose your dominance and see Neon Tetras as a threat. I recommend placing the betta in a relatively large aquarium first so that it gets used to it and establishes its territory. After a while, you can put neon tetras in the tank. If a betta has enough space, it won’t feel pressured to lose certain territories and won’t stop chasing neon. However, you may need to keep watching them until they get used to each other.

Why is my betta chasing neon tetras –  Occupy a certain territory

Fighting fish tend to rule over certain territories. When they feel that their territory is threatened, they can attack other fish, whatever their species.

As mentioned, this was granted in the first place when Neon Tetras were introduced to an aquarium where Bettas already existed. However, when Bettas need to impress a partner, they find that Bettas attack Neon Tetras. Take the time to familiarise your Betta with the trading process using a variety of methods.

Not enough matches

When males feel they don’t have enough mating partners, they become stressed. They can become aggressive and attack other fish. For this reason, bettas may chase or attack neon tetras. It is recommended to balance the ratio of male and female bettas in this aquarium. Just in case, try to keep only one male male and one or more female males.

Why is my betta chasing neon tetras – Killed by Neon Tetras

As you know, neon tetras have a habit of biting other fish. If your neon tetras keep biting the bettas, it can stress them out and they may end up chasing the neon tetras. When neon tetras are stressed, they will often bite other fish in the aquarium. To minimize this, you should keep them in groups of at least 6 people. The bigger the group, the better the atmosphere.

Is it safe for a fighting fish to use Neon Tetras?

The beta is absolutely safe. However, certain measures must be taken so that all fish can live in a friendly aquatic environment. You need to properly introduce each fish to each other. Next, you need to make sure you have enough helpers for each type of fish in your aquarium. Finally, stop overpopulating or underpopulated the aquarium so they have a healthy habitat.

How do I introduce my betta to Neon Tetras?

To introduce Neon Tetras to Bettas, you must be very careful. As a precaution, you can follow these steps to introduce the fish and get used to each other.

Proper Acclimatization

First, you need to place the neon tetras correctly using the aquarium water parameters. Remember to add 10-12 neon tetras to the aquarium. Then you need to keep the rooster and accustom him to the fact that there will be more than one fish in the territory. Placing bettas on the tank can improve the territoriality of the betta.

Why is my betta chasing neon tetras – Keep Watching Them

Although they may get used to each other’s presence, you should keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t chase or attack each other. It may take a day or two. When you’re confident, you can focus on other things.



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