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Why is my cory catfish swimming crazy

So why is my cory catfish swimming crazy. Why is my poor catfish swimming so hard? As the kori catfish floats erratically around your home, watch and notice how it swims, how it moves, and its general appearance.

Why is my cory catfish swimming crazy – Vertically

When you see your catfish moving vertically in the tank, this is normal for them. Sometimes they notice their reflection in the glass, which is how they make sense of what they see. Sometimes they surface for air or swim like that because it’s fun. Another possibility is that they are ready to lay eggs. Your Cory Catfish announces your participation to all available and willing partners.

Stay on top of the tank

When you notice that your catfish is constantly floating on the water and noticeably out of breath, it means the air quality in the aquarium is poor. There is more oxygen at the top, so the fish will come back more often than they should. Be sure to check the water parameters, test the water and temperature. Another main thing is you need to have air pumps and air stones, mainly air pumps.. This will ensure adequate oxygen supply to the tank.

Why is my catfish swimming crazily?

From time to time you may notice your catfish swimming in a very choppy fashion. You acknowledge that such behavior is strange and abnormal. The reason your catfish may be swimming frantically around the aquarium is because they are not satisfied with the parameters of the water or the general environment. While most catfish are very tolerant of a variety of conditions and environments.

What should you do if you find Corey’s cat swimming around in the fish tank?

Glass surf is the term most aquarists use to describe the appearance of fish swimming up and down in the aquarium. This is one of the forms of behavior that Corey’s cats sometimes express their feelings in. Usually, your cat measles floats in the aquarium and is nothing to worry about. In some cases, Cory Cats are expected to do glass surfing. You can expect your measles cat to swim throughout the aquarium under certain circumstances. When you are introducing them to a new environment, when you have a major water change.

When you are near the aquarium and the fish are waiting to be fed, or when It significantly changes the water parameters in the container. However, if none of this applies to you, you can evaluate the parameters of the tank. You must ensure that all aquarium settings and conditions are suitable and favorable for your Cory cat.

However, even when all of these conditions are favorable, you may find measles swimming throughout the reservoir. As long as you keep evaluating your settings, you don’t need to worry. It’s important to know that fish can behave in many random and interesting ways. You can continue to experiment and test to determine why it behaves. Although it is the latter, it is best to ensure that the conditions in the tank are favorable for the fish.

Why is my cory catfish swimming crazy – Why do corrys float on water?

The main reason runners float on water is because they need to breathe. This is what they do under normal circumstances, whether in the wild or in an aquarium. They climb to the top to breathe on the water with their mouths open. If the water doesn’t have enough dissolved oxygen, you’ll notice your Cory catfish do this more often. As a sign of stress, hallways can be frequent. A group of five or more runners will remain calm and serene. Surface, shortness of breath, or erratic swimming indicates stress levels due to poor water conditions or the fish itself. This could be due to low oxygen levels or pressure from tank mates.

So this is all you need to know about Why is my cory catfish swimming crazy. I have explained this simply i hope that you love this content see you soon.



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