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Why is my oscar fish laying on its side

why is my oscar fish laying on its side this is todays main topic. Your Oscar fish is lying on its side due to stress or illness. Your Oscar may be lying on his side after he has been moved to a new aquarium, or if he has become uncomfortable in his surroundings.

The Oscar fish will also lie on its side in submission if it has just lost a fight or feels unable to defend its territory from intruders.

On rare occasions, your Oscar may be lying on his side because he is sick. If your fish is also showing symptoms of illness such as choking and poor appetite, get it checked out and treated immediately. Also be sure to check the quality of the water, as well as the levels of ammonia and nitrite.

Defeated and therefore introduced

Oscar fish love to live in groups, and as difficult as it may be for us to understand, they have a complex hierarchy. There is a set pecking order and your fish may level up or down depending on factors such as age, health and gender.

So, if there are other aggressive and dominant fish in the tank that have taken on the role of supreme leader, your oscar may show submissiveness by lying on its side.

It’s Oscar’s way of raising the white flag. Yes, it sounds absurd, but it’s absolutely true!

Why is my oscar fish laying on its side – stressed fish

The Oscar fish has many personalities. And although these are hardy species, they are subject to stress, like any other fish. There may be several underlying factors that fuel stress. Maybe there is not enough food or space, there is another alpha male in the aquarium, or there is a territorial dispute.

It goes without saying that stress causes many other diseases. So, if you see that your fish is constantly lying on its side, it’s time to evaluate the environment in which the little creature lives. First, try to identify the factor that caused the stress and eliminate it.

Swim bladder disease

So it was with my Oscar. The swim bladder can fail for a variety of reasons, such as illness, injury, or an abnormality. This affects the buoyancy of the fish, causing it to swim in strange positions. In addition to lying on their side, fish may also swim upside down, sink to the bottom, or struggle to maintain their normal position.

If you suspect it is related to swim bladder disease, fast for a few days first. Also raise the temperature of the water a little. Then on the fourth day, feed unpeeled peas and continue for several more days. And as soon as you decide that your fish is recovering, gradually return to its main diet.

If this method does not work, the swim bladder may have suffered an internal injury. In this case, it is extremely important to contact a fish surgeon. Part of the bladder will be removed or a small stone will be placed in it to restore buoyancy.

Why is my oscar fish laying on its side – finally water is toxic

Never skip a water change and don’t skimp on a reliable filter. We can’t stress this enough! If the water is toxic, your fish will not only lie on its side, but move, vibrate and choke. By researching various forums, I found that toxic water was the main reason why Oscar fish lay on their side.



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