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Why my cat always run away

Why my cat always run away

So Why my cat always run away. Your cat constantly runs away from you and naturally treats it like a human. The truth is, your cat runs away for a variety of reasons, sometimes more related to their mood and general health than what they think and feel about you. If your cat is sick or injured, he will run away from you. Indeed, cats love to hide to protect themselves from potential danger. Stressed or frightened cats also run away, as do cats that have not been socialized to be around people. Sometimes cats need personal space. Other times they run away trying to start a fun game with their owners. If you notice sudden changes in your cat’s temperament or appearance, it may be suffering from a health problem. So take your cat to the vet for an examination.

Owners spend a lot of time interacting with their cat. If you meet a cat on the street, it will probably run away from you because you are a potential threat. In the wild, cats are hunted by various large animals. Even domestic cats have an escape instinct. Some cats, especially strays and feral cats, struggle. If a person has already injured her, she will tell everyone about her injury and run away to protect herself.

Similarly, cats that have had little or no interaction with humans are more likely to be fearful of humans. They won’t stay because they don’t know you just want to touch them or say hello. After all, cats run away from people for all sorts of reasons, but if you see someone else’s cat and they don’t want to be around you, don’t chase or push them. This will lead to stress and more injuries. As a general rule, only interact with cats you know well.

Why my cat always run away – Why does my cat suddenly leave me?

Your cat starts running away from you for various reasons. Although your first thought may be anger, it’s not always your fault. Here are the most common reasons why your cat suddenly runs away from you.


Even if you have become attached to your cat, it remains a wild animal. In fact, domestic cats are closely related to their wild relatives. According to the Journal of Environmental Law, domestic cats and free-roaming feral cats share the same predatory instincts, which means they are very similar.

This means that one of the reasons your cat is running away from you is that it is driven by instinct. Nervous cats that have not yet bonded with their owners are more likely to run away. In most cases, trust will be built through learning and frequent interaction, and it won’t slip away. However, some cats are naturally shy and always will be, so they will always have the instinct to run away.


When cats are sick or have health problems, they prefer to be left alone. It’s instinctive. In the wild, sick cats are weak and easy prey for predators. Your cat won’t necessarily run away from you because he sees you as a threat, but he does need to find a secluded, quiet place where you’ll feel safe. If you think your cat is sick, consider.

Why my cat always run away – Difficult breathing

Shaggy or greasy hair. personality change dietary changes, such as loss of appetite or difficulty eating. If your cat is not feeling well, it will come out of hiding in a few hours or days.



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