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Why my fishes hiding without a reason

Why my fishes hiding without a reason

You might wonder Why my fishes hiding without a reason. There got to be some reasons why fishes hide lets see. If the fish was recently added to the tank, the most likely reason the fish has been hiding is that they are simply nervous about the new environment. This is especially true for unschooling species, which often like to claim a certain territory to settle in. After a few days, the new fish should be happy with their new home and have more time away from home. If your fish continues to hide for more than a week, the problem is fundamentally different. New fish will hide until you identify and fix the problem.

Why my fishes hiding without a reason – terrorize

If a fish stays hidden for more than a few days, problems can be caused by other fish in the tank. Sometimes the addition of new fish can trigger aggressive tendencies in aquarium suckers that weren’t bullies before. Older fish that once held territory may now feel the need to defend their territory against crowded intruders.

A good way to reduce aggressive behavior in adult fish is to rearrange the decoration of the aquarium. As soon as you mine the previous territory, all the fish must start again; the fish no longer have their usual protective space. However, don’t be surprised if all your fish are initially afraid of the new environment and hide. While you are intimidating, it will take a few days for the new territory to resolve on its own.


Many fish are uncomfortable if they don’t have their own place or two to hide when they feel threatened. Providing more accessible hiding places often results in shy fish hiding out of sight. Pisces also like to look around when they feel safe.

You can stack rocks to form caves or lay clay pots at the bottom. Adding driftwood with arches or holes, or using any other design, provides more options for fish of all sizes. If each fish knew it had its own hiding place, their happy community could become more active and visible.

Why my fishes hiding without a reason – ultimately

Individual fish that normally live together will always hide if left alone in an aquarium or in groups that are too small. Always keep fish in groups of at least four or five. If kept in small groups, most of the time the whole group will find a way to hide. Ornamental fish that often hide in aquarium plants and accessories are no fun because the whole point of having an aquarium is to observe and appreciate all members of the ecosystem. But like any other animal, a fish will hide out of fear or discomfort in the environment. An important consideration is to remove whatever is causing the fish to flinch. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities below.



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