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Why my horse bullies other horses

Why  my horse bullies other horses this is one of the biggest questions that horse owners have. Owners get annoyed when their horse is chased or chased. Biting, hitting, kicking and causing trouble for other horses can have a negative effect on all involved. So why do horses bother each other and what can we do about this unwanted behavior. Remember that no matter what behavioral issues your horse has, having insurance is invaluable in protecting you from harm. Just like insurance, a horse trailer is essential to ensure the safe transportation of them and their horse friends.

Why  my horse bullies other horses – Reasons for harassment or abuse

Intimidation or aggression towards other horses is a common behavior problem that owners seek help with. As with most animals, aggression is a normal, natural, and sometimes necessary trait in horses. They are not overly aggressive species and tend to live in harmony with others. Although your horse has had a very comfortable life so far. His natural instincts are still there. They were designed to protect themselves from predators and protect their young or mates.Unfortunately, these instincts can lead to problematic behavior in domestic horse Horses can be intimidating and aggressive for a number of reasons.

  • If they feel threatened or afraid. Perhaps as a result of previous experience.
  • If they are injured. Discomfort can make them less accommodating to other horses.
  • If they are upset. Maybe they are bored or offended. Giving them extra enrichment can help.
  • As a result of artificial social groups. Your horse doesn’t choose who he turns with. Some horses just don’t want to ride.
  • As a result of insufficient early socialization. Horses come from a wide variety of places and may have had very different upbringings. If your horse didn’t have an older horse to show him the rules. He may have picked up some bad habits.
  • As a result of certain diseases or illnesses. Aggression can be a symptom of a medical problem. Ask the veterinarian to check if everything is in order with his health.
  • Resource monitoring. A common source of aggression in domestic horses. This occurs when the horse seeks to control access to limited resources. This could be food, breeding partners, water, space, or any number of valuable items.
  • Although intimidation and assault may include chasing, biting, kicking, or hitting. They can be more subtle, such as pinching your ear or threatening to hit you.


Owners who are not as well versed in the horse’s behavior may overlook this, especially if the owner is out of bounds when the bullying occurs. Care must be taken if the protective covers are damaged. This could be a sign that the companion is helping to care for the horse, but it can also be a sign of bullying. In all cases of bullying or aggression, it is important to find the cause of the behavior and eliminate it first. A simple attempt to stop behavior through punishment is unlikely to succeed.

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