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Why my kitten always sleeping

So Why my kitten always sleeping. I always wonder why my cats and kittens always on sleep. I even thought they might have a illness. But they don’t vet says that this is there normal routine. And my cats mostly sleep at day and stay active at night. That hoe my cat used to spend their day. So Let me explain you guys the information that i found. If you recently adopted a new kitten into your home, remember a rule of thumb: the younger the kittens, the more sleep they need. Newborn kittens spend 90% of their daily lives sleeping, or almost 22 hours of sleep! As kittens grow past the neonatal stage, they sleep less, but even at six months they still manage to spend 16-20 hours a day napping and daydreaming.

Why my kitten always sleeping  – Why they sleep every time

Even if it doesn’t look like it, when your new kitten falls asleep peacefully, her body is working hard. The development of his brain and central nervous system depended on this frequent. Sleep time allows kittens to make sounds and strengthen muscles and bones, giving this species athleticism and grace. Sleep can even keep your kitten’s immune system in top shape. Without adequate sleep, your kitten can become irritable and even at risk of infection and illness. The seemingly uninterrupted sleep of kittens also has evolutionary roots. Your adorable kitty’s ancestors were predators of the African plains who slept most of the day and hunted for short periods to conserve energy. Your new kitten’s sleeping habits always reflect this. Sleeping for most of the day ensures the safety of an unarmed young wildcat in a den, peace of mind, and stealth from predators.

Sleep problems

Although kitten sleep times may seem excessive to new kitten owners, oversleeping kittens are generally nothing to worry about. If you notice that your sleeping kitten has low energy when awake or sleeps more, it could indicate a health problem, such as anemia. Anemia is a condition in which there are not enough red blood cells in the body, it can be very dangerous for kittens. Kittens with fleas are particularly at risk. If you think your kitten is anemic, check her gums. If his gums are pale, he may be anemic and should see a vet immediately.

Although I have never met a pet owner who complains that their kittens get too little sleep, it is possible. Rare seizures, trouble sleeping, and other unusual conditions can lead to trouble sleeping in kittens and prevent them from getting enough sleep to grow and develop. If you’re concerned that your kitten isn’t getting enough sleep or has recently lost sleep, it’s best to consult your veterinarian. Fortunately, most often a kitten that seems to sleep poorly is because kittens are unique individuals, and some don’t need sleep at all, just like others.

Why my kitten always sleeping – Kittens usually sleep anywhere

As a veterinarian, I often hear about sleep issues where a new kitten chooses not to throw in the litter box, thinking instead that it’s the most comfortable place to sleep. While in an adult cat this could indicate health issues, if you find yourself in this situation and get a new kitten.

So this is all i got today about kittens sleeping problems. I will talk more about this in the future. So As usual i will bring anew article tomorrow see you guys then.



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