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Why My pet frog is not eating

Why My pet frog is not eating. There can be so many reasons why your pet frog is not eating. I will explain them one by one. Horned frogs are called Pac-Man because of their striking resemblance to the famous arcade character Pac-Man. They have small round bodies and huge mouths. This makes them fun, but it also makes them greedy little eaters. However, refusing to eat is not necessarily the cause of a red alert every time. Sometimes they are perfectly beautiful and healthy, but require little effort from the owner.

Why My pet frog is not eating – Don’t be hungry

If your pet frog is acting perfectly normal and has regular bowel movements, one of the reasons it isn’t eating could be something as simple as not being hungry. Adult bean frogs rarely feed once or twice a week. So before you start worrying, make sure he doesn’t eat for more than a week. If so, the reasons may be different.


Suboptimal temperature levels can be one of the most common reasons frogs won’t eat. They need a certain autonomy combined with a certain level of humidity to recreate the environmental conditions of their natural habitat. Without such conditions, their body would not be able to digest food properly. Therefore, make sure that the temperature is always optimal. It works in both hot and cold temperatures, so adjusting the levels over time is essential. If you find that this is the reason your pet is not eating, simply adjust the optimal level, wait a while for the frog to get used to it, and then try offering food again.


As with temperature, your pet frog must have the right level of humidity to function properly. Or fully operational. The lack of humidity in the air can not only make them uncomfortable at home, but also make it difficult for them to breathe. Therefore, they also refuse to eat. If your hygrometer is showing sub-optimal levels, mist your case until this happens. Sometimes you may need to spray it several times a day. After setting the correct level, try offering food to your pet.

Why My pet frog is not eating – Evaluation

Another common reason frogs refuse to eat is that they are in heat. It’s basically a combination of all the above reasons. If your frog doesn’t have the right temperature or humidity, it will hibernate and therefore won’t be hungry. During the festival, their bodies work to a minimum. The frog then wraps itself in a cocoon of dry skin, which is one of the most obvious signs to look out for. Additionally, they often dig as deep as they can in an attempt to get some moisture from the substrate in order to survive. They are easy to recognize and also because of their super lethargic behavior. If you’ve noticed that the holidays are the reason your pet isn’t eating, there are a few things you need to do. First, check first what is causing this condition in your pet.



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