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Why need to keeping budgies in separate cages

So why do we need to keeping budgies in separate cages. Lets find out. New parakeets should be kept in a separate cage for the first four weeks, close to other birds. This will allow everyone to adapt to the environment. After this time, put the cages together so the parakeets can touch each other with their beaks for the first time.

Keep it that way until the birds are comfortable with each other. The first physical contact without a fence must be in a cage that the birds must occupy together. If it’s already old bird territory, replace fixtures and fittings to make it a different, neutral space. Place feeders on the sides of the cage so the parakeets can feed individually as needed.

Why need to  keeping budgies in separate cages – Male parakeets together

If both men are in your relationship, you’re likely to have a lot of arguments. That said, bickering is part of a parakeet’s social life, so as long as neither bird is being bullied, it’s not a bad thing. However, the angry squabble of a parakeet may not be the music in your ears. It’s important to understand that buying a parakeet means bringing noise into the house. It is usually musical and melodious; but having a few male hormones during the breeding season can be a problem. It’s hard to say if this will be a problem. When you choose your parakeet, it may be in a cage with several other birds and in a different social position than the co-owner of the home cage. Only when he and his partner are comfortable will you know how happy they will be. Most birds get along just fine. But this is a potential problem you should be aware of.

How to keep several parakeets in a cage

It is very important to represent the parakeet well. Whether you’re starting with one, two, or three parakeets, introduce a new bird with the same care. First, place the new bird in a separate cage close to the main cage. Your temporary enclosure should contain some useful toys and perches; you can move these items to the main cage when you move in your new parrot. Let the birds chat between cages for a few days so they can adjust to the company without feeling threatened. On the second or third day, release the existing parakeets from their cages so they can fly to the new type and care for it. Do this a few times. If all goes well, you can try releasing your new parrot from the cage at the same time so everyone can be neutral.

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Why need to  keeping budgies in separate cages – Further explanation

After talking on the street for a few days, I let them spend the day together in the same cage. I always put a new bird in at night in case they fight while you’re away. Once everything is completely cool, you can put the new parrot to sleep with the old parrot. Just make sure to keep giving your existing birds the same amount of love and attention. If you’ve only had one parrot before, they may be jealous and upset at first.

However, they usually don’t take long to get used to each other. Keeping women together can be more difficult than keeping men together. In some cases, it may take you several months to safely bring your bird together without supervision. If your birds continue to fight, I would separate them again and seek advice from a parrot breeder or veterinarian. Budgies are sensitive to stress, and excessive fighting can make them very mean, not to mention the damage their ferocious beaks and claws can inflict.

So that’s all about Why need to  keeping budgies in separate cages. See you guys soon.


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