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Why otters are good pets

So Why otters are good pets. Basically they are not dangerous for humans but they have long sharp teeth as well. That makes them  little more dangerous to own one. They need to be domesticated first and then you can have them. And there are so much laws that need to be considered before you own one. These animals are very energetic and can become very destructive if they don’t have the right environment.

They are described as drug-addicted ferrets. There’s not much you can do to keep otters out of every inch of your home. Otters are playful creatures that check everything they encounter. Although they can be taught to stay away from the norm, they need lots of attention and will get it any way they can. This may include the destruction of your property. Since they are very social, it is actually recommended to keep two otters together to mimic their domestic lifestyle.

Why otters are good pets – Have legal problems

In the United States, it is illegal to keep otters as pets except in the following states. Otter species should also be considered when checking your state’s laws. The only species currently allowed as a pet is the Asian Clawed Otter.


Although it allows you to own exotic animals, you will need a permit. These permits allow only one animal and appear to apply only to domesticated otters such as river otters.

Why otters are good pets – North Carolina. 

Although you don’t need a license to keep an otter in North Carolina, if you live there, familiarizing yourself with state laws is highly recommended. Exotic pet import bans are rare, so be sure to check with your county or city.


Florida’s climate is ideal for small exotic animals like otters. However, in order to obtain the required license you will need to provide proof of your experience and demonstrate that you will be using otters for the show. There are also special requirements for customization and enrichment. Otters need lots of environmental enrichment. This means they need to be able to play, learn and enjoy the world around them. If they don’t get the abundance they need, they can become destructive, even violent. They must also eat 25% of their body weight each day. So they need to eat sea urchins, crabs, mussels and crustaceans. They are known to float on water and use rocks to break down the toughest foods.

Why otters are good pets – Need a lot of space

It is recommended that a pair of otters allocate at least 6 square meters of space to their environment. Sometimes it can be the size of a small apartment. Since otters must arrive in pairs, you should add at least 5 square meters to their environment. If you don’t have a lot of space, this may be difficult to do at first. They are marine animals, which means they need a body of water in their enclosures. The swimming pool must occupy at least 30% of the area of ​​the premises. This water must be maintained at a constant temperature of 75 to 85°F.



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