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Why peacocks not pets

So actually why peacocks not pets. Peacocks and chickens require a lot of space when considering housing, so if you live in a suburban apartment or house with limited space, you may not have them. You can’t just keep them out either. They should rest in a fenced, covered enclosure and fly away. They are quite capable of ignoring and flying over any fence big enough for other birds such as chickens, ducks and geese to enter. However, don’t worry about getting bored with the peacocks. They’ll keep you busy, if you don’t watch then sue them.

As a pet, you can also occasionally take food from your hands, but most of the time they will not be interesting. Peacocks are more ornamental fish than dogs, cats, and parrots. They are beautiful, but you can’t interact with them much.

Why peacocks not pets – Is it legal to own a peacock 

In most parts of the world, it is legal to keep peacocks in the home, as long as they are not a native endangered species. For example, since the green peacock is an endangered species, the blue peacock is more recommended and makes a better pet than the first. They are more adaptable, meek and less aggressive. Other pet-approved color options include Black Shoulder, Buford Bronze, Charcoal, Cameo, Opal, Bunting, Spalding, Purple, White, and Spotted Peacock.

Is it possible to put a peacock with chicken?

If you plan to keep peacocks and chicken peacocks, they can live happily together with proper care. For the most part, peacocks roosters and hens can be raised alongside chickens. They get along very well and prefer the easy to tame blue variant. The ideal pairing is when two birds are raised together from infancy. However, you must be careful due to the disease, and peacocks tend to be more aggressive as adults and can be demanding of their chicks.

Why peacocks not pets – Issues 

Two obvious problems with the peacock-chicken partnership are conflict and disease: chicks and chicks. It should be noted that the most obvious disease is black spot disease, which can be transmitted between the two species, although it is more common in wild birds than in domestic birds.

The disease also affects turkeys, partridges, pheasants and quail, and when kept together, peacocks and chickens can be contagious. In terms of aggression, peacocks can easily kill chickens, although they are mostly friendly and fight at best. Keep in mind that peacocks (and chickens) are still game birds with arms on their legs and snouts strong enough to eat their prey, you may want to be careful when introducing your flocks, preferably when they are still young.

Is it possible to have peacocks in the garden?

Is it okay to have peacocks and peacocks in the garden. Yes, absolutely yes. You just need to learn some basic skills and know how to keep peacocks in your garden.

Why peacocks not pets – Behavior 

The first thing you learn is that all peacocks are busy little wanderers with insatiable curiosity. If the walls are not tall enough, they will overwhelm all the boundaries around your house. Peacocks also fly over short fences, so make sure the cage is completely closed. Birds also make a lot of noise, which can be a concern for most people. So move your coop away from your home when you need peace of mind.

Make sure it’s a safe distance from your neighbor’s house so birds don’t wander into neighboring yards and keep residents from sleeping at night. The last thing you can worry about from peacocks is poop. They literally shit everywhere and everywhere. So keep them away from your valuables, including your car and outdoor furniture. Also be prepared to do a lot of cleaning. However, peacocks are necessary not only to look good and have all the above disadvantages. They will pick up bugs, worms, and even slugs from your.



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